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The responsible person, as a rule, I like to be irresponsible

Zadolba!whether 05.10.2018 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm a young accredited specialist. Behind six years of study at the medical University ahead — so there were circumstances beyond my control the work of the therapist on the site.

it all Started back in the sixth year, when it was necessary to sign a certificate. A tiny piece of paper with a bunch of items that should be related printing. One of the items was listed on the draft Board. I was about to go to print, as it turned out that the seal from the military is needed only for boys. The bypass list I have adopted as it is.

it was Later found that in order to obtain the diploma, you must first obtain a military ID. I have again been gathered in the military enlistment office to complete all necessary procedures and get voennik in the period from late may to 25 June, but it turned out that only applies to guys, although in the announcement the head of the thread clearly appealed to girls. Well, the human factor, the headman thinking about the beautiful and made a typo, it happens to everyone.

the Diploma I got at the presentation, as the vast majority of students, and military ID with me, no one asked. Accreditation I, too, was quiet, and after it received a certificate that is accredited to present it when applying for jobs or when applying to residency, because the certificate will be produced much longer.

After that I moved to the other end its the biggest country in the world, intending to work in a strange city. When I first decided the issue of a residence permit and turned again to the military because I wanted to get a military card and even a certificate from the recruiting office in my hometown that voennik I don't have, I was available for. It was in early August. Call the draft Board over the fact that I said the Commission will start work from 1 October.

well! All six years I was told that military ID for women not mandatory. When I had the opportunity to get it at the end of sixth year, I was again informed that it is not necessary. Nothing portends trouble, right?

Nothing, except for the little fact that in all appropriate I clinic I will be able to find work only in the presence of a military ticket. Moreover, military ID, is required in order to obtain a certificate, which from day to day will be taken by proxy in the hometown of my mother.

Why us no one had ever said? Why such information is not surfaced in advance? What the hell is Alma mater so irresponsible attitude to informing students when it was really important?!


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