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Not the best eh, my godfather, back?

Zadolba!whether 05.10.2018 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I, feminist, zadolbali such as you.

first, stop calling women "the weaker sex". It's rude and uncultured. You are not the most powerful man on the planet? And if so, can you "dweeb"?

second, stop sending us to different countries. We live in Russia, and their rights will defend the homeland. Don't know what's in your news feed, but do not need to deny the obvious — the denigration of women in our country will not go away.

the Phenomena which we want to give a negative connotation, then you call "feminine/girly", right? That women are denied the ability to think logically (and sometimes to think at all), to make discoveries and to make decisions, to act boldly and intelligently. And how you a huge list of occupations closed to women? Under the guise of care about the woman. Of course, unless these fools can decide where and whom they work? So let him go where allowed!

It is women, as a commodity, choose "used" or "virgin", (you have a product, we have a merchant), is a women's dare to teach and urge, what to go, where to work, how to build a life, etc. In the end, if a man is not a handshake for greeting — a deadly insult, but the woman can be ignored and do not shake her hand. She's a person of an inferior race. Or "woman — not man".

I would suggest that women to whom you politely held the door or gave way, thanked you. I had the case — held the door open before the man with the occupied hands — defiantly didn't go, waited for before him go the boy and asked him to hold the door. And at work you are not denied promotion because "worthless, that some pants on then the saddle" and wages are not cut with the words "on cufflinks, but the woman — she had a family to feed, she will give a little more"? Not allowed to work in the chosen specialty because of maleness? But in women, these problems have not gone away!

And finally — boyfriend's thugs. Recently saw a movie — the street guy gets the girl, people pass by, interceded only by women. And the comments under the video: "if changed, you can beat!", "if naughty, you can hit", "if not watching their language, you can beat", "all the problems of guys because the women" (yeah, a girl age 16 — a WOMAN!) and so on... my fault! And you are talking about other countries...

Well, for example, in Islam the Koran instructs the woman to submit to the man. But God forbid you "not" to look at it!

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