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The guidance is not those

Zadolba!whether 06.10.2018 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

No matter How trying the author of the story about the iPhones start for health, in the end still failed.

"Hey, you, rogue, I am successful, I as the Director of the company, envy silently!"

to be honest, I thought that the definition of the status of a person by the brand of the phone should stay in high school high. And here such request from an adult, like, man. The desire to boast of an expensive toy more or less clear, but the desire to humiliate someone based on the fact that you have this is, forgive, a kindergarten and a bad education.

My father on the anniversary of friends and colleagues, having chipped in together, gave an expensive Swiss watch, those, status, and status same pen with a gold NIB. He had all these status things — but he would not buy them ever. From the existence of these things, he did not abruptly nor a Director of the company, neither a successful businessman nor a movie star, he has been, and remains a regular architect.

Neither the design nor the price, nor promoted the brand does not determine the success and status of the person. Because the iPhone, bought on credit, donated, Yes — sorry, it happens — nasosny, or as advised by the author, "digging", in the sense, sit on the oatmeal, but buy phone is not a status and achievement.

And not the idiocy that only in one case — if it's really critical for you to work.

the IPhone, like any other products of Apple, it is a technique. Again: technology. This is the subject that performs a specific set of functions. With its pluses, minuses, compatibility, or incompatibility with certain programs and appliances, and on this basis a suitable person or not.

for Example, for me the Apple, because all the software that interacts with equipment with which I work, is only for Apple products. He is white and in the case with strazikami. And in everyday life — the unkillable reinforced push-button phone with a powerful battery, which is not afraid to drop and drown. Black and khaki, with a convenient case that can be worn on the hand and on the belt. And neither one nor the other phone doesn't determine my status. No way. At all. Not only status, but even the taste preferences and gender. And orientation is not determined, Yes, here I can not disagree.

Director May, movie stars and other successful guys and use certain branded items, because the status requires. But when, on the contrary, when a person without such status, "undermining" and buys a status thing solely in order to be like "all successful people" is a cheap show-off and blowing dust in the eyes.

Therefore moderate their youthful ardor, please, and don't zadalbyvaet others. As long as you are discussing the new Apple with a colleague, and not with a business partner or, at worst, subordinates, with your iPhone you like not a gay and not a successful businessman. You look just at rogue, who, as you know better than anyone versed in expensive wines, watches and cars.

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