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Are you still the production of sausages was not observed...

Zadolba!whether 06.10.2018 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear squeamish girl, I'll tell you more — before you took the product from the store shelf, brought it to the cashier and there he was, horror of horrors, handled the cashier with the same hand which before this had dared to scratch his nose, so, this is the product lying in stock, where it is the mouse chased.

Then this product grabbed the movers, not sterile hands.

he was placed on the shelves of the sellers, and then the chocolate bar or package of juice pietragallo the hands of a huge number of buyers in the trading hall, are you sure all these people before doing this with their hands in picking his nose not?

And even they, before they come into the store, holding the handrail in transport, where a lot goes a very motley audience (Yes, the homeless and the marginalized, too, imagine), took the door handle and so on.

So relax, get away from the poor cashiers and stop making an elephant of a fly. Funny, I swear.

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