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Give me an apartment, and I'll turn it into a Museum

Zadolba!whether 06.10.2018 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

My mother considers herself a modern and advanced person, but in fact do not want to learn a modern technique.

— we all Have smartphones, and I have one go with push-button dialer, as a beggar...

— Well, buy a smartphone.

— I do not understand them, and are expensive, the extra money no, all children give...

take a Hint. For the new year give mom a smartphone. Already the month of February, and mother all with their dialer could not give up. Ask where her smartphone. But she had no time to deal with it. And it is not convenient it is big, heavy, whether business its phone.

to Ask what to give for a birthday.

— give me a microwave.

— OK. You a easier, just to warm up or Panamericana, with a grill with different programs?

— of Course the best — I'm not just heat it going, and even cook!

Accepted. A few months discover that your mother cooks is still on the stove and in the microwave only heats, and using only one button quick start.

— look at Katie the slow cooker is such a handy thing, threw all the ingredients and prepared the dish, one need not have a plate stand. While Kate is asleep, the slow cooker cooks her porridge. She woke up in the morning and immediately hot Breakfast got, it's a classy unit!

to Buy mother slow cooker. For three years, as it stands in the box. Mom doesn't have time to study the instructions.

— That Lyudmila is not necessary each time the computer is enable to call my son on Skype, she always tablet at hand.

Now my mom has a tablet. Lies in a box on the box with the slow cooker.

— Oh, you have a robot vacuum cleaner! How cool! Buy me the same and I get tired to vacuum every day, directly back is killing...

Well, you guess what happened next...

— Hey Mom, why are you up took you so long?

— Yes I was in the shower, again barely broke a sweat while vacuuming...

— what about your robot?

— Oh him, he told me all carpets will izdarit...

Another mom asked me for a blender with a chopper because she was tired of the carrot on the grater to grate. Also stood in the box until I came to her, and got showed how to chop vegetables with it. Mom was delighted, and said that now always will use it. And after I left took him into the box. Because during operation, have your finger on the button to go, and she was afraid of, because it is electricity. Anyway, on a grater to grate a sweet deal, then rinsed and all.

as my mother hanging air conditioning, without which it could not live and which has never in 5 years have not included because air conditioning is bad, catch a cold, and a hotbed of infection in it.

But in the conversation my mother always proudly emphasizes how she is advanced because it has robot vacuum cleaner, and the smartphone and the tablet — my daughter gave! And about the fact that all this is takes place and all the money spent, I would say, waste of, among other things, my money, modestly silent... That's why ask for expensive things, knowing that using them is not going?