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Forever we are now in the picture

Zadolba!whether 06.10.2018 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali I am the photographer, not the Amateur, but still not super-professional. And zadolbali me friends.

I almost always carry a camera, and if you go camping without it, do not go. Mostly shoot macro, people do not like to remove, and explain why.

my Dear friends and comrades, you zadolbali! You want a good photo? So would you all please stand as you please, and not to pose a wriggling worm. Oh, you need to quickly? I'm afraid that without you all the alcohol you drink, until you sober I want to sit for 5-7 minutes?

Looking at the photo to see the stick sticking out of your head? Or background from the bushes, with which you will merge? Or maybe spotted the shadow of a leaf that will add charm to your, yet sober face? No, just ask, would you all please stand so as to be beautiful, I don't shoot for money, so, have me as you get.

the Second moment of the requests. We're friends or what? You can politely ask and not polupricepy tone.

the third thing, the most important thing in my opinion. Learn to wait in the end. WODPRESS, photos you no one will send. I don't shoot in your favorite JPEG. I need time to process, and I have my own business and sometimes I just don't want to sit down at the computer. And if you want to spread in the network, the sooner the better, take their phones. Buy a bar of soap, in the end, and forward. I own pictures earn money, with you, my dear, do not take a penny, and probably for good reason.

first of all, I do what I wonder. And your faces and whims — it is NOT interesting. So either have patience or go to hell.