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The minority subordinate to the majority

Zadolba!whether 06.10.2018 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Lord, surprised by the fact that the coffee shop does not serve tea! Tell me please one thing.

at the pizzeria are outraged that there is a large selection of steaks, and who this pizza need?

But in any McDonald's I wonder what's on the menu, some burgers, but the burgers do not exist?

While the sushi bar might want to have a lobster?

If not, then I wonder why you require to at the coffee shop — who the fuck specializiruetsya coffee, not tea, at the name to guess it is possible! — was a huge tea selection. If you really want it tea, a good tea — go to tea. But to sin on the coffee shop that she sells only coffee — idiocy.

Why do we have a lot of coffee shops? Trite and simple — people love coffee, and there is a demand! As for tea, it means that there is no demand. Everything is simple as ABC.

Zadolbali already angry, why personally for John DOE opened a personal point for the realization of his wishes! If your tastes differ from the tastes of the majority, be prepared for the fact that for you personally no adjust is not.