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Forewarned is forearmed

Zadolba!whether 07.10.2018 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Story is not even zadolbala, but just korotenechko infuriated.

Me on duty, it was necessary to send urgently documents in one office. I'm always in this case refer to the same delivery company. They always worked fine, we cooperate with them for four years, zero complaints. Called them yesterday, pretty early leaving the application. To four, because we still needed to come back before the end of the day to us. But by this time the courier I did not see, but received a letter saying that the courier could not pick up, the arrival time is delayed by half an hour. If the urgency is high, raise the price.

With this approach, in this company, I faced for the first time. Generates the price after all the company itself. I'm a lightweight. writing in the chat, they say that changes. I say that a lot of orders, the courier is difficult to find. OK, let's say. Although this should warn, for example, on the website when applying. Ask how you should raise the price to the courier dropped everything and wanted to take our pieces of paper (I don't know how they formed price, and how much is owed to the courier), a Manager that does not know the amount at your discretion. As I write the complaint and raise the price of a hundred, comes the letter that the courier is still not found, the arrival time has been postponed for an hour...

Though censorship by sending a Manager, file a complaint, a letter arrives that the order is delayed for half an hour, cancel the order, swear, smoke, call the office and she is going with the paperwork.

Two questions: 1 — why is the complexities it is impossible to prevent; 2 — what the hell are these managers that still no belmesa do not know of anything I can not answer, and why not to drive on the route instead of sitting pants?