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Three Vice human

Zadolba!whether 07.10.2018 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter


I was one of three leading a YouTube channel. Subscribers are not very many, compared to the top blogs, not even a hint of popularity, but its audience has, and we are for the number of views do not chase, just do what you like.

There are, of course, and their own personal freaks, and haters, and zadalbyvaet citizens, of whom further.

On the freaks we are not offended, they are funny, but the behavior of some other people raises questions. Conditionally they are divided into three groups: the sycophants, Remora and "slaves of love".

From sycophants vomiting begins immediately. I like it when people write that they like our channel — just love all the praise. But the fake enthusiasm and flattery can be seen immediately. First, it is unpleasant. Second, once there is a suspicion that this man you need something. And usually, the way it is — after the Eulogy should flow a humble request to promote a project, channel or anything else in their video. For such requests, the answer is no. If people asked normally, we at least used to be thought. But after the disgusting cloying flattery I want to throw a person in an emergency.

Remora constantly trying to raise the communication. I don't mind to discuss some interesting topics, but don't write me: "hi ..., today I went to some interesting place!" Great. I brushed my teeth and ate a doughnut. Use and information content of both utterances identically equal to zero. Man, you're even not my friends! What do I care how you spent the summer? Also very hate this cheap trick — write type is an intriguing phrase (actually not) that the interviewer began to ask questions. Friends, it works on pupils and dicretized in orange the social network, and I have such a bait does not bite and chat with you I will not. I do not need to deal.

and finally, "love slave"! These drink out of me most of the blood, and it was not about men. Yes, I read young people and Express sympathy, but I clearly give to understand that I have a boyfriend and all overtures in this direction are meaningless. People usually understand this correctly, for which they thank you. But the women... the fact that one of my comrades bombyces beautiful as the cover of the magazine, and I write his ardent fans, thinking that we have an affair with him. The set of threats standard: watch, track, pull a hair, put my photo on the website sex services, "my dad the COP." At first amused, but now annoying. Girls uzbagoytes! Not necessarily to sleep with his colleague, the truth, the truth! Moreover, for all its external data he absolutely not my type.

Who recognized himself, and draw conclusions. We try to do for you interesting content, so please respect our personal time!