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To get into other people's brains are not the problem, the problem is to understand something

Zadolba!whether 07.10.2018 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I was not sick but simply tired of people who expect the employer that he is a telepath.

"What are your real prospects for career growth?" — you ask. How can I answer this question? The number of vacancies is higher than what you expect today will depend not only on the growth of the company's business (which you can influence), but also on macroeconomic factors, economic growth and purchasing power of citizens that you are unlikely to be affected person. But policies of the global headquarters of the company with respect to the region "Eastern Europe".

"how long will I be able to qualify for a raise — and exactly what I need to achieve this?" How can I answer this question during the interview? I don't know what you really can and really know how it will be checked only in practice our cooperation. Maybe you'll find that you lack skills in one of the areas of responsibility, you may not want to manage people, but it is a necessary challenge for the higher positions, and maybe you need to raise the level of knowledge of the German language to simplify the work with one of our production sites?

"As it really is linked the result of my work with how much I'll earn?" The calculation of the bonus is quite clear, the goals you specify and agree with the supervisor, so open Excel and learn.

"As almost can I use those non-financial benefits that you offer, would I simply stay on this time?" I must explain to you how to use the corporate car, unlimited SIM card in a sports club? All three "benefit" — non-stop, and I have no idea how you want to allocate your free time between crochet, dog fighting a raccoon and yoga. Generally the employer can answer this question?

the Open secret: an adult decides how much time he is willing to devote the work and professional development, speeding up or slowing down of his career, and HE maneuvers his priorities and his time.

good Luck finding work!