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Without wasting time for nothing

Zadolba!whether 08.10.2018 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali people, turning a public toilet in the negotiation point.

a Large office building. Five floors with long corridors. Two elevators from the cavern in front of them the size of a small office. Five inputs with separate stair flights, respectively, every stair landings and between them.

But no, ladies (I do not know how often such men do, but I often meet with the phone in the hallway and on the stairs) go to the bathroom to chat! I am not of those who ran on the natural needs and it is at this time there was a Very Important call — they can still be understood, although personally I in such situations, apologize and offer to call in five minutes, and don't discuss business under the characteristic sounds, while trying with one hand to remove their pants.

No, I mean the ladies who are standing in the bathroom at the window and loudly talking on the phone with a friend/mom/child, absolutely not embarrassed by those who come there on business and at first can't understand, this lady standing here because all the booths are filled, or just because. Or worse — about the ladies that are exactly the same publicly communicate on a variety of personal topics, but sitting in a cubicle!

If you, regardless of gender, recognized himself, and you don't really zadolbali!