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What I begin the path

Zadolba!whether 08.10.2018 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm Sick of our capital. Zadolbali the fact that it is located too close to Europe. And here are all the ways lie through it, as if there are many thousands of kilometres with local residents in towns and villages.

Here, for example, I went to Japan. From Yekaterinburg. Visa to do only in Moscow plane via Moscow. Yes, the newly launched aircraft from Novosibirsk, but through Moscow to fly cheaper for some reason. Yes for a visa and had to back off the mediator, that man just took my documents to receive a free trial of the visa. Beauty and only. There is pay, pay here, just do not live in Moscow.

Or, my favorite group is coming to Russia. One concert. Of course, in Moscow. And I, your Mary, moved to Khabarovsk! Well, that's turned out. Plane tickets one way are 5-10 times greater than sinking to the concert. And I still got to go back inside. Sometimes, of course, bands go on some Peter, but that doesn't help. It is rare that anyone arrives at least to the Urals. About Siberia and the far East generally silent, easier to China or Japan to go. Only visa to do again in Moscow.

so in all. Wanted to go to a major seminar on the industry, a seminar in Moscow. The Congress and even the slightest events for professionals — also Moscow. Wanted to order specific things for needlework — here, there, overcharged for shipping. Ordered medication — Oh, excuse me, we have it only in the main warehouse in Moscow, so wait for 2-3 weeks until I arrive.

Moscow, Moscow, Moscow! That's all only in it, darling! And try, get the hell out of some of Vladivostok there.

I would personally prefer that we would have the capital was at least in Ekaterinburg. And the best 2-3 cities with the same status, otherwise it seems that for MKAD of life is not, and if there is then let all your things only through Moscow.