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The high price of losing

Zadolba!whether 08.10.2018 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Hello! I'm one of those girls who don't want kids. Besides the fact that I'm not ready for this, not found the right man and all that, there is another point. I have a disease that I do not hide from relatives and friends. And though in itself it does not affect conception and pregnancy, for me it is a contraindication to childbearing.

first, I years take strong medications. Water-borne my friends told me how during pregnancy I could not even drink a febrifuge. And I have pills serious. Without them, my disease may progress into the more serious stage.

second, the tendency to the disease is genetically transmitted. Yes, dear friend, I understand that inclination does not mean that the disease will manifest itself. But I have manifested. My child can. I don't want such a fate. She suffered for years until I found a good doctor.

And I'm sick of parents who demand grandchildren. Friends who persuade to give birth, "our kids will be playing together". Just friends who are talking nonsense on the topic "you cheat yourself, suddenly your baby is born healthy." Thank you, I'm not that lucky people to play this lottery.