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Home is not better

Zadolba!whether 08.10.2018 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbalo the cult of home cooking.

I love to cook and know how, but do it without fanaticism. I have a strong stomach, able to digest even bought at the station the tat, so I can eat almost anywhere. But I have a very active female relatives, so I regularly listen to lectures, living in sin junk food and need to eat home. And worst of all — I'm home trying to sell by all means, despite my fierce resistance.

had the temerity to tell my mom that I really like the salad of pickled cabbage in our dining room. The same weekend, you get five (!!!) a three-liter jars of cabbage, a gift from aunt. I have this cabbage in her performance hate from childhood, because to swallow the sticky acidic slime no joy. But Domashenko, Yes.

— Who knows what they are in this canteen cabbage put!

Mama, until I find somebody else's hair and rat droppings, it's great. And banks either take back or they will be in the trash.

Go to a two-week business trip to the next area. My mom and grandmother just one question — where is adult viable daughter will find sustenance in a strange city.

— Oh, there's aunt Luda lives! Come to her home to eat.

the illusion is the twenty-fifth water to jelly, we have never in my life have not seen. With a fright I have to eat out a stranger to me? Politely refuse, the family is mourning declared in my stomach.

Birthday. Agreed that one day I celebrate with family, second with friends. The mother sighs:

— Well, you have two days to prepare...

— Why?!

Well, and you eat?

"We eat" we will order a large set of rolls and buy beer, but if I confess it, the mother will have to call an ambulance. Of the parents I get to leave only after promising that I'll make my own holiday table with salads, main dish and dessert, "as expected". Don't like to lie, but sometimes it is necessary because the Birthday is my holiday, I want to spend relaxing and having fun, not sweating the morning in the kitchen.

I Want to finish some soul-saving sermons, according to the tradition of this site.

now. Now times are quite different — going to get easier, and even purchased the food could be tastier and healthier home-cooked meals. What is better for the body and soul — home-fries with pork, drowned in cheese with mayonnaise, or a light salad in the cafe?

in addition, the tradition to gather the whole family at the big table is fading — I know people who have the house has no stove, no refrigerator, because they don't cook at home (although I can). Life changes — change your eating habits cafes on every corner, delivery service working around the clock.

So do not bother and do not zadalbyvaet household. "Home" does not mean "best".

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