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"Divorce" is in the details

Zadolba!whether 08.10.2018 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I zadolbali, when most of the great secret. Innuendo just kills. When you common words to describe a beautiful picture, but details have to pull ticks.

Yes, I'm interested in the details. Let's start in order:

Corporate vehicle. He assigned me or another 10 employees can use it? Can I to use it around the clock or only during working hours? On someone paying for the petrol and stuff?

the Gym. What, where is it located? Map with full list of services or a lot of restrictions, such that I can not use?

Bonuses and awards. If the scheme is transparent, as you say, then say it. For example 5% of the contract amount, but do not forget about the details. Payment upon contract signing or closing, or even on the fact of payment of money by the customer? The difference is huge.

Prospects. You are looking for a man who from year to year will be to move a box from point And to point B. And the people sorting these boxes, you have enough? Or are you looking for someone who in the future will understand the specifics of your company and will be able to further myself to sort and carry boxes? In the first case, no prospects, but for many it is necessary to perform monotonous job with low responsibility, in the second already there are prospects of growth for those who is interested in it.

here are the details important. And your words is a big company, lots of bonuses, a corporate car, etc. is a common word.

And is in many areas. Offered tickets to the event one. Promise a colorful show and, please note, a lot of fun in front of him etc. In fact the show is quite good, the rest selling at high prices cheap balls and all sorts of squeaky children — it's called animation. But the second show, but before the show a bunch of children's entertainers that can really inspire them, handing out (free) to children of all sorts of small gifts.

it's all that simple conclusion — if not details, then wait for the divorce. Honest people have nothing to hide.

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