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Doogee S55 - floats and not beating 09.10.2018 at 06:00

The Author's project of Alex mail

Nature in this day an unusually happy. It was a quiet, almost windless warm autumn day. The sky was securefiles white clouds, like white winged belokrylov, the surface of the water was completely still, and only occasionally was her vzlomali some fish - little rascal-Charmer. I sat on the shore with a fishing pole and caught carp at the scene. More precisely, not even the Bob and Basil: son of a bitch weighed twelve pounds, so it should be treated with respect. I have a week come to this lake with the purpose of industrial catch of Basil, but yet came across only the ring carp, which I mother roasted with sour cream, pre-needle depriving each carcass a couple of hundred bones. Suddenly there was poklav. For strength and power Poleva became clear that it was a Bob - only he could bite so I took off Bank and fell into the water. That, of course, was very sad, because at this moment in my pocket lay the favorite the sixth iPhone. I spit on the Bob with his polewali, quickly got to the beach and pulled out an iPhone from his pocket. His display was deaf and dumb.

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