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5 myths about the color type 07.10.2018 at 14:41

It is because of them women are confused with the definition of the color type and the selection of colours themselves. Articles on the Internet do not add clarity, as often contradict each other out of ignorance or inexperience.

So we're going to destroy the myths

myth 1: the color type is an outdated concept. All you all the colors

This idea can be heard from the TV.

But it is important to understand that the picture on the TV is one story, but real life is another.

the fact that the frame on the model cause a huge layer of makeup. It's not even makeup it's a TV makeup. And this makeup you can pull off any color type.

But we don't go with that much makeup every day. In life most of the women walking either without makeup or with minimal / natural makeup.

Accordingly, there are shades of clothing that we will decorate, or Vice versa — to spoil.

if you choose colors that suit your complexion — even with minimal makeup will look harmoniously and effectively.

And Vice versa.

I have met representatives of the color type Winter, which looked paler moth, despite the fact that they have the brightest color. Or representatives of the color type Summer who chose bright colors too, which they themselves could not see.

the photo shows the dress, not Reese. Color over for her. Too bright and too loud

Not the best release of Angelina. Looks pale, though the color type Winter. Unlike her blunder

Myth 2: the color type is defined by the color of their hair/eyes

In some cases the color of the hair is directly indicative of the color type, but not in all.

for Example, red hair is always an indicator of the color type Autumn. But not always brown hair color — this Summer. Brown hair can be in the Winter.

Some people think: "I Have brown eyes, so I Fall." Not always. Brown eyes are in every color type, just in different shades.

But first and foremost on the definition of the color type affects the skin. At one and the same eye color, but different skin tone turn a completely different color types.

Myth 3: "I'll dye my hair and change its color type"

Often, a woman thinks that if change hair color, change its color type.

In fact, there are two options: the woman dying her hair the right color for your color type and in the wrong. Consider each situation.

1) Woman dying her hair the right color your color type and then it can change the subtype inside its color type.

for Example, Linda Evangelista, with her natural dark blonde shade of hair — a contrast Summer. Began to dye her hair blonde — she is a bright Summer.

Linda Evangelista with her natural dark blonde shade of hair — a contrast Summer

Repainted — and a bright Summer

the transition between the subtypes will help to make the appearance brighter. For Example, Natasha Poly. With brown eyes and medium brown hair. She's a natural, Summer.

went blonde and immediately his eyes became more vivid against the light hair. And it was a bright Summer blonde with brown eyes.

Natasha Poly with natural hair color — natural Summer

With a light shade of hair Natasha Poly has become a bright Summer

Important point: repainting the shade should match the color type.

2) Woman dying her hair the wrong color.

the Most important: it does not change the color type! But there is a dissonance between the skin and the shade of hair.

a Frequent situation: the summer color type colored my hair red and then begins to pull clothes for this hair color — warm autumn palette.

Clothing will blend in well with hair, but the skin will look bad: bruises and bags under the eyes, uneven skin tone, red spots on the face, minor imperfections become more visible (wrinkles, pimples).

But if she takes clothes color type Summer, it looks bad with a red tint hair.

Myth 4: "I is not green (red, blue, yellow) color"

In fact, each color type are all colors, but their shades.


— Orange — is a warm color.

— Black is only the color type Winter.

— If on the face spider veins are red colors do not go, even if your color type. Because the face will appear redder.

And when you know your color type, you can choose the shades of each color, which go to you.

But there is still need to be addressed, for example, red. Someone will take the red dress. If you have a red dress is too much, try a red handbag.

Myth 5: you can't take things not your color type

. If these things don't have faces. For example: skirts, pants, shoes, bags.

I often take my clients current fashion shades do not have faces. For example, bright and warm shades for color type Winter and Summer shoes and bags.

For Winter, sometimes, use the atypical powdery shade in the Shoe.

And, you can not take your color when it one of the colors in the print, not the main one.

Information for advanced:

Sometimes the man's appearance draws even the person not their color. In that case, if the color repeats the natural color. For example, Summer brown eyes with green is khaki (which initially fall), due to the fact that this shade is found in the eyes.

So I have with this jacket

Or the greyish blue Spring and blue eyes suit different shades of blue, including typical palette of Summer color type, because there is a repetition of their natural eye shade.

Nicole Kidman are summer blue and gray-blue shades, because they echo her eye color

Bonus myth: the color type changes with age

it Happens that with age there is a change in subtype within color type. For example, washed out shade of eyes and hair, and bright Summer becomes natural or bright.

Or the woman's age starts to go a light shade of hair. And she repaints the hair in a light shade and goes on subtypes of inside your color type. A good example is Linda Evangelista.

Linda Evangelista, repainted in blonde, moved from the contrast of summer in light

But there is always a transition occurs in the direction of easing inside of your color type. Namely, in natural or light color appearance.

But not every person this happens.

Information for advanced:

Sometimes the Winter can age to get away in the Summer.

This happens in a very "serious" age, often after age 70. The woman continue to be a part of the winter shades, but not dark (dark) and light and accent colors. And at the same time they start to go the brightest shades in the palette color type summer is not covered, and accent.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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