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The technical picture of the Forex instruments on 2.10.2018

Portal Forex trader 01.10.2018 at 20:23

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Hello. Below view on a few interesting points to trade in 2.10.2018


On GBPUSD continue to move in the area of the trendline and the level 1,30500, and formed a pattern Pin-bar. The situation is not clear. On the one hand it looks like a correction to a previously punched level and expect prodolgenia fall. But on the way the trend line and sell dangerous because it may not have enough strength to pass her. The obvious advantage of the statistics of transactions is also not observed. It remains only to monitor the situation by refusing deals.


On the EURJPY continue to move at the level 131,80 and formed a pattern Doji. After yesterday's Pin-bar continue to expect growth rates next trend. Consider here the purchase, the order 134,50 and above.

Open orders big banks

Fundamental news APR

In the Asian session, the bulls are celebrating victory – the Nikkei managed to redraw the 27-year-old max.

the Nikkei 225 0.52 percent, the S&P/ASX 200 – 0,57% KOSPI is only 0.18% Exchange China and Hong Kong traded in connection with national holidays

Investors of China went for a long weekend, which will occupy the whole week, but the government continues to work. The authorities have promised to publish a list of imported goods on which duty will be reduced for other countries. Such haste may indicate problems in the national economy, which started to bear a trade war with the United States that caused the deficit due to the reorientation of the flow of American exports. These events defined the "corrupt background" yesterday's session.

on the first day of the week published statistics

For capital costs of the business of Japan in III quarter +13.4 per cent, instead of the preliminary estimates of 14.2% For the manufacturing index in September compiled by the Australian Agency AIG which rose to 59,0 56,7 with respect to the August USA

the Main event discussed in the world media and the impact on investors was a historic signing of a new trilateral trade agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico. Up to this point NAFTA regulate the exchange of goods between countries, are now giving way to the USMCA.

the President of the USA announces the signing of the Treaty USMCA speech in West Virginia

On the positive comments of leaders of the us stock markets closed in the green except the NASDAQ which got a "double whammy" from Tesla and Facebook.

Elon Musk, in part pre-trial agreement will leave the post of head of the manufacturer of electric cars and will pay a fine of $20 million due to tweets, promising to repurchase shares of the company, which did not take place. Mark Zuckerberg still have to go through the prosecution, it will be the outcome of the investigation of the leak of personal data of 50 million users of the social network.

Dow Jones + 0,73%, S&P 500 + 0.36% and the NASDAQ is 0.11%

Forex Traders continued to buy dollars, supporting the Friday growth index USDX against other major currencies led by positive data on the labor market from the ISM published the September employment index, which exceeded analysts ' expectations 58,8 against a forecast of 58.1.

the Eurozone

Treaty USMCA is important for the EU, as the increased contractual power of the US who are trying to "beat" the new trade agreement with the European Union. Therefore, European investors welcomed the signing of the American Treaty with Canada and Mexico:

CAC 40 + 0,24%, DAX + 0.75% of FTSE 100 and 0.19%

Also in the stock markets of the Eurozone had a positive impact of news about the decline of unemployment in Italy, the country is under scrutiny due to the adoption of a record budget deficit, contrary to the recommendations of the EU.

the Kingdom fell out of the overall trend due to the lack of bright prospects, meeting Theresa may with Donald trump ended with nothing. In addition, the U.S. Treasury pursues largest Bank of Albion Standard Chartered, for breach of the sanctions regime financial Corporation will pay $1.5 billion fine.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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