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The doctors explained who needs to be regularly eating chili peppers

Infant 10.10.2018 at 04:22

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This product can prevent stroke and heart attack.

the Results of large scale studies have shown that chilli in the diet reduces the risk of premature death, primarily from heart attack and stroke.

the Article of scientists from the University of Vermont (USA) published in the journal PLoS ONE, reports the with reference to healthystyle.

the study Authors analyzed data regarding diet, health status and life expectancy of more than 16 million Americans. Monitoring was conducted over 23 years. As a result, scientists were able to draw a portrait of a typical fan of spicy Cayenne pepper is a relatively young married man with a low income and low education level, Smoking and alcohol consumption, and diet on average more vegetables and meat than those who do not like spicy food. Thus the lovers of hot pepper was on average lower levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

the Calculations demonstrated that the total mortality among those who regularly eat foods seasoned with chili pepper, 12% lower than among those who do not eat spicy. The consumption of pungent peppers at 13% reduced risk of sudden death, primarily due to diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the researchers found.

On what basis such a beneficial effect of Cayenne pepper on your health, while it is not clear. The authors of the study suggested that capsaicin is an alkaloid that contributes to the pungent taste of red pepper — plays a role in the cellular and molecular processes in the body, protecting from obesity and increases blood circulation. In addition, capsaicin has an antimicrobial action that can have a certain influence on the intestinal microflora.