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Fresh jokes for 08.10.2018 (61 pieces)

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- Doctor, help me. My wife is beautiful and clever. Her career is rapidly going up. All is good, but then she admitted to me that you slept with the head of Department, to the post of Deputy. The type is so accepted in their company...

Doctor: Well if you are all right in terms of family, maybe we should forgive and come to terms with what it was?

- the Doctor, but she's in the last month has changed already 5 departments, and again today went for the interview!


Rabinovich, a Widower married his coming and the housewife now has for free what previously had to pay, plus the bonus of sex.


it Happens sometimes. Inconsiderate guy in a text message from his girlfriend "Honey, I have a dead hamster" habitually responded "me too."


Inexperienced mushroom pickers often have dinner, but rarely Breakfast.


the government Meeting.


- What a disgrace - the ruble falls again, the Minister of Finance have any suggestions to remedy the situation?


- it Is believed that the ruble is falling because of the metal when done! To do rubber - then will fall and jump, fall and jump!


everyone has his own taste, as the man-eater.


Vitali Klitschko (and his family) is a citizen of Germany.

that's Why he asks do not call yourself the mayor of Kiev, and the mayor.


Two odessite talk at medicine:

- do you think a lot, why women psychiatrists are more successful in their profession than men?

- Because the words "I Want, I'll make you a Blowjob" anyone heal from depression, Izzy.


the Boy was playing with fire... And won!


Now it is clear that our agents-killers are not loved around the world because of Russophobia!