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Banking and financial news on the website

In the mobile application Sberbank now has a money transfer along with "postcards". Heroes such money "postcards" were Winnie the Pooh, the wolf from "Nu, pogodi!"... pop stars of the 90s.

In life there is a place to "fairy Tale"

From October 1, users of the mobile application Sberbank Online for the iPhone and Android is now available a new feature — cash "postcard." Now the people in the "dialogues" of application "Sberbank Online" can send a visual "message". Animated and voiced the image to which the sender makes a wish and the transfer. Currently, clients have access to a "card" with the image of heroes of the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all", "Nu pogodi!", the popular fairy tales of old Soviet postcards and re-remastered clips of the 90-ies of the last century. For example, with the singer and composer Igor Nikolaev, Irina Allegrova, Tatiana Bulanova and other pop idols of the late twentieth century.

the press-service of the credit institution, said that in the "Sberbank Online" now operates two sets of "cards", designed in various styles. A set of "cards" to "Native" was created in the style of Soviet postcards. In addition, there is a set of postcards "fairy Tale" designed in the modern style. Their characters were invented by the artist-Illustrator.

"We launched the "Postcards" to raise the level of involvement in the use of our services. We want users to spend more time with us, to them it was convenient and fun to Sberbank Online to service want to use more often", — said the press service of the credit institution.

the News Give money and emotions

In modern world, the use of emoticons, stickers and Emoji is already an integral part of communication between people in the Network through various software messengers, blogs and social networks. They are used wherever possible to give some emotional dry text, or to underline the subtext. It is clear that in business correspondence emoticons invalid, but everyday communication is.

as for the innovations from the "Sberbank Online", it can be considered to follow the General trend in the use of such software modules and applications, he said "International financial centre" Gaydar Hasanov. In his opinion, the monetary amount family and friends people can be translated for different reasons. "For example, to make a gift on birthday in the form of a transfer of a certain amount of money, attach "the card" wishing it would be very convenient and pleasant. This innovation on the Bank's clients, rather, the impact is neutral. It will not lead to growth of the clients or its reduction. I wonder whom it is possible to surprise with such things. Perhaps some will not know about this feature. But I personally think this is a nice addition to the main features of the app," says the expert.

According to the analyst of the Center for Analytics and financial technology Basil Svirina, money "postcards" are very quickly gaining popularity among users of the mobile application "Sberbank Online". "This innovation will allow users to not only send remittances to relatives, family and friends, but also to give some extra thrills. Especially important this feature is in anticipation of new year and Christmas holidays", — he said.

"Sberbank, as its new product — money transfer with the "card" — trying to introduce into his system the elements of social networking, which can give the effect of emotional coloring. In this strategy the financial institution is probably focused on the fact that emotions are more effective in future sales. That is, receiving positive emotions from this product, the client will project them on other services of the savings Bank" — says a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky.

he believes the product will be in demand primarily among young people, and also people who want to date "postcard" with remittance to any occasion.

"would have removed the interregional Commission"

According to the chief analyst of TeleTrade Peter Pushkarev, it's a pleasant nostalgia, but, perhaps, the savings Bank had better think about cancellation fees when transfers between regional structures.

"Among the customers of the Bank many people of advanced age. I would to your translation with pleasure have attached Eeyore, and if he is still with a voice: "Good morning, if it does good, which I personally doubt..." or "it doesn't matter! Yes, Yes, Yes", it would be cool and ironic. But, honestly, would be more pleased with the disappearance of the Commission during the transfers between the regional structures of Sberbank. Translated winter paid a Commission. Even between cards belonging to one customer, but if they were opened in different cities, as I understand it, still the translation is taken by the Commission. As between different banks. This anachronism. Considering a lot of innovation in the savings Bank for the last time this kind of thing for positive perception of the Bank it is necessary to eliminate in the first place", — the expert believes.

a Leading analyst of the "Expert plus" Maria Salnikova said that such a decision cannot be called revolutionary. It resembles a marketing ploy. "Most likely, this is partly a demonstration of the work of Sberbank on mobile applications in the direction of customer needs. And partly a marketing ploy, which is designed to reduce the attention to the fact that in September the Russians withdrew their Bank $ 900 million, and over the last two months, the outflow of foreign currency deposits reached $ 2 billion. Despite the fact that Sberbank is optimistic comment on the adequacy of the outflow inflow of money from legal entities in the accounting period, as infopovod in the media is the fact scary and can provoke the deterioration of the dynamics of deposits of physical persons in the savings Bank until the end of the year", — says the expert.

Bank transfers, even in applications that want to use the most on purpose, concludes Salnikova.

Anastasia SERGEEVA,