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How to sponsor Gambling?

News — Gambling 10.10.2018 at 20:59

Gambling — is operational news from the world of games and movies from the largest entertainment media in Russia. Releases and events, film premieres and technology, eSports and game development.

Friends, you've probably noticed that the interface of our YouTube channel and appeared on the "Sponsor". And now it's time to talk about it in more detail. Yes, you do have the opportunity to support the Gambling money. No, all the videos will remain free, no need to panic. We're talking about support, not about bans! Of course, to do this we provide not only with good intentions and not only for our thank you very much. Each sponsor will receive a special bonus: a nice touches like special badges that appear next to the names, but because they are more visible. And yet we can often answer your questions in the comments to the video. Where to find a better sword? How to cook chicken? How's it going? Bad questions do not exist. In addition, we have a lot of video, and the order we usually define ourselves, but by becoming a sponsor, you will be able to help us choose which video to upload before anyone else. We will regularly ask their sponsors what they would like new stories. The history of any game series? The best soundtracks of the games? More opinions or critiques fresh trailers? Offer and this will also get early access to videos. Enough? Then offer to review the bonuses for which you have subscribed. Suddenly we really can. No, the plane we are unable to give you, sorry. And Yes, we fully understand that all paid angry. But Gambling is an independent publication, and the premium subscription costs only two hundred and forty nine rubles a month. It's cheaper than an indie game on Steam or lunch in the cafe. The more sponsors, the better the channel. More interesting videos, more of your favorite speakers and what you want. We definitely will listen to your suggestions. Click "Sponsor" and together we will make the Gambling better!