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The day when Google bought YouTube 09.10.2018 at 15:25

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9 Oct 2015 on Facebook appeared sad, happy, angry and surprised "likes". Earlier in social networks there was only one way to respond to a post without leaving a comment — like. But over time, when Facebook began to share everything that excites, started to happen embarrassment. For example, the "likes" under the post about the death of a loved one, looked like a mockery or at least a manifestation of disrespect to the memory and not as a sign of support in difficult times.

to solve this problem and to enable users to Express likes different emotions, Facebook has introduced a few new likes. New "reactions" (as they are officially called) are optional, and the default is always "thumbs up". But that day was without the words to Express five emotions: love, laughter, joy, surprise, sadness and anger. However, "fun" (Yay) has not passed the test of time, this option is gone.

the Post Mark Zuckerberg on the new husky

in addition, sometimes Facebook for a introduces additional likes. For example, in 2017 for mother's Day (in USA and some other countries is celebrated on the second Sunday of may) there was a reaction with a purple flower. However, in Turkey this is a temporary innovation is perceived with hostility, seeing in the icon of the Armenian me-nots — a symbol of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian genocide in Turkey (which Turkey does not recognize).

there were those who used the new responses for a vote. Popularity took video, which in real time captures the number of likes of different types, each of which meant a vote for one of the response options. Because Facebook mixes more often in the feeds of users posts with videos with a large number of likes, these broadcasts were seen by millions of people. However, soon, the social network said that such a vote would violate the rules because Facebook banned any calls for Laika.

9 October 1947 he was made the first telephone call between the car in traffic and flying the plane. Today dial someone in the path is not difficult, but in the mid-twentieth century this form of communication was expensive exotics. Demonstration of innovative services organized by the American operator AT&T.

in General, 9 November can be considered as the day of origin of the service provider. The year before, in 1946 the same AT&T first in the world has demonstrated that you can call even from a moving car (given the coverage of operators in the time — impressive), and in 1947, with the participation of truckers from Wilmington (North-East USA, Delaware), a cell phone in the car successfully contacted flying in the sky plane.

In 1947 came to light service cellular

Such "tricks" were possible after the mobile operators have a new way to organize the flow of communication. If earlier all was limited to the Central city towers with multiple communication channels where both could communicate only three of the subscriber, the telephone signal was transmitted by using many low-power sensors. The coverage area of the sensors most like on hexagonal honeycomb — hence the name "cellular".

the mobile communication Service cost of the then subscribers cheap: in addition to monthly fees of $170 per month, each individual call was worth $4, and before that the car had to equip a 40-pound telephone module is also not free. Therefore, in the first years of the existence of services such a connection could afford only carriers in large corporations.

by the Way, today AT&T is trying to achieve the opposite effect: the number of accidents for those who like to talk behind the wheel has reached such magnitude that even the mobile operator is spent on social advertising with an appeal to abandon the cell phone while driving.

9 Oct 2003 at Disneyland opened the most expensive attraction in the world — Mission: SPACE. This complex, located in an amusement Park in Florida cost the Disney company $100 million and became the most authentic simulator cosmonaut training available to mere mortals.

the Attraction Mission: SPACE

This realism is achieved by the fact that the equipment of the attraction consists of almost exact copies of the NASA simulators. A huge centrifuge allows everyone to feel the cosmic acceleration up to 2.4 G, and a little moment of weightlessness.

the Attraction Mission: SPACE

And even visitors get a "special mission" and can try to cope with the duties of mechanic, pilot, engineer or commander of the ship. After such adventure lovers theory offer detailed instruction, and those who did not have feelings, can walk on a model of the surface of Mars on foot.

9 Oct 2006 the search giant Google bought the popular video hosting YouTube for $1.65 billion Eric Schmidt (Google Chairman) promised that the name and functionality of the streaming service will remain unchanged, and the integration of YouTube in Google will be as painless as possible for users.

by the Way, in January 2005, the search engine launched Google Videos, only the most popular, he did not use, and only out of stubbornness Google lasted 6 years.

After the deal with Google's YouTube has become a video hosting No. 1 in the world

also YouTube has never been profitable, from the date of purchase of the service he never broke even. Therefore, the prestige prestige and excruciating attempts by Google to make money on YouTube, do not stop to this day: after a long confrontation all sorts of right holders Google "nailed" the video sharing to social network Google+, then tried to capitalize on the users who watch music videos and concerts on YouTube, and after a failed attempt to buy the service broadcast in-game videos (Twitch) has opened a unit of YouTube Gaming.

anyway, YouTube remains a symbol of online video around the world and by popularity bypasses even a modern TV. Not so long ago (14 Feb 2015) service celebrated its 10-year anniversary.