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Woman live ISS noted, "the capsule with the alien"

NEWS PLANET 10.10.2018 at 16:47

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Awhile ago on the YouTube channel "MrMBB333", which is conducted by ufologist Michael from Arizona, there was interesting footage. A mysterious photo was sent to the expert woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

Unknown I watched the online stream, which was conducted from the ISS. At one point the woman saw a strange object over one mountain range. Subject similar to a capsule with a glass lid, through which is seen the head of the alien. Unfortunately, the anonymous user is not managed to record what he saw: he just made a screenshot of the computer screen.

According to users of the network, in the shot of the aircraft of aliens. Inside the machine sat a humanoid pilot. Another version, the woman noticed the divine representative of the people of the Anunnaki, which is described in the myths of the Sumerian civilization.

NASA discovery did not comment. However, it is unlikely that scientists actually saying anything intelligible about it. Maybe the camera on the ISS filmed something terrible, which is much worse and more dangerous aliens.

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