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Zolotoglazye giant in West Virginia

News of cryptozoology 11.10.2018 at 11:20

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This story was recently sent by the American Explorer of the mysterious creatures Heart Strickler. Strickler managed to contact the author with the initials "B. P." and to obtain from him some additional information. "It happened last year, when my brother and I went Hiking in the mountains of Western Virginia. It's a pretty remote place and to get to the mountains, we had to go more than 2 hours on a winding road that runs beside a deep precipice.

we Finally got to the point left in the middle of dense bushes and a car and with backpacks went to the wooded mountain. We were surrounded by dangerous sharp jagged rocks. After about an hour we stopped for the night and pitched camp as the sun began to sit. We made a fire and admiring the beauty of the sunset, watching as the sun disappears behind a stone wall and lying next to us a small lake.

But as soon as the sun was setting as off. My brother started to say that every half hour he heard someone large animal or person walks near around us. He said he hears the very soft sound sneaking moves.

I'm tired and I thought he was just imagining things, so I asked him to put it mildly to shut up. But he still said that hears it. At 11 PM there was something even more strange. I just dozed off and suddenly we both heard the other side, where there was a lake, very strong rumble. We both jumped to their feet, grabbed our weapons (shotgun and Magnum) and ran to the lake.

of Course, nothing we have not seen. It was so dark that it was almost impossible even to distinguish something. So we decided that just a few stones rolled down from the cliff into the lake and decided to return to our camp.

And all of a sudden, when we were walking back, my brother stopped, turned to me and said in a loud whisper, "Look over there" and then pointed to the left of us. It was then that I realized that my brother really heard anything unusual in the evening.

About a hundred yards (90 meters) near the trees stood a tall black figure, rising perhaps ten feet (3 meters). Details of the appearance was not seen, but very clearly burned a Golden glow of two large eyes on the head.

the Figure was not fixed, it is uniformly swayed from side to side and this movement for a few seconds as if hypnotized my brother and me and we froze. But then my brother woke up and shouted "fuck off, asshole!" and fired in his direction from your Magnum.

Figure froze and ceased to rock. Now she just looked at us and the Golden glow of her eyes was even stronger. And then figure somewhere quickly disappeared. My brother ran to his camp, kindled a fire brighter and sat next to him awake for about an hour. When we have already decided that this being cleared away, we heard nearby in the bushes with a loud rustle. And suddenly it yelled so loud and scary that we never heard.

, We Packed our things as quickly as I could and ran in the dark down the mountain to our car. We were afraid to even turn on our flashlights as we both had heard it move according to our traces, there was a loud crackling and noise.

Then we finally turned on the lights and soon ran to the car and climbed inside. When we started the engine and drove away, again it is loud and scary scream. My brother is so scared that he was shaking hands.

We still don't know what it was, but we aren't going there". In an interview with eyewitness LON Strickler found that this case occurred in the Park Monongahela National Forest near the mountain of Gaudineer Nob or standing nearby mountains, Bald knob. It is possible that the tourists met Bigfoot, but it could be something completely inoe.