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QBF investment group and Bank "the East" has launched a new joint product press releases 10.10.2018 at 22:00

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In the framework of partnership programmes financial group QBF together with Bank "East" October 1, 2018, launched an investment product, "in East. Stable growth", which is a promising addition to Bank deposits. The new product combines the characteristic of deposits the capital protection[1] and the yield of the modern stock market. Expected return[2] the new product is up to 20% per annum (excluding tax deduction).

the Strategy involves the placement of funds in financial instruments of two types. B?most protective part of the capital is invested in instruments with fixed income — bonds, term deposits and exchange-traded REPO transactions. The investment part is placed in instruments with higher potential yield — the shares of Russian companies of the first and second tier, which is either paid high dividends, or who have the potential of growth of cost due to its undervaluation. Strategy "East. Stable growth" is based on the structure of the investment portfolio QBF "Golden section", which demonstrated the results of the year 2017 yield of 13.3% per annum.

Product "of the East. Stable growth" involves the opening and maintenance of individual investment accounts (IMS). Using IIS gives you the right choice of customer on an annual return of previously paid income tax on the amount on IMS cash (maximum deduction of 52 thousand rubles a year, with the investment amount of 400 000 rubles per year) or for the release of income from operations on IMS from paying income tax after a three-year period. In the framework of the loyalty program QBF financial group provides clients the possibility of filing a tax return for the investment deduction in the tax Inspectorate, helping to get the amount of the deduction for the brokerage or the client's Bank account automatically.

"We are confident that the launch of this product will mark the beginning of a long-term, mutually beneficial and reliable cooperation financial group QBF and leading Russian banks. Thanks partner products financial institutions can offer its clients efficient investment decisions and to obtain additional income. It is noteworthy that the first days of sales showed a high demand for the new product from customers", — said General Director of open company IK "Cubif" Stanislav Matyukhin.

[1] Protection of capital — the return on a predetermined part invested (transferred in trust) amounts to a predetermined deadline. This condition can only be ensured by the agreed deadline.

[2] Expected rate of return is determined on the basis of expert evaluation of portfolio managers. Expected rate of return is not guaranteed and the Manager is not identical to the actual yield from the management of the property of the settlor under management. The expected return is specified without the amount of Manager's remuneration. This expected return is not guaranteed.