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Update module balance — October 9, 2018

StarCraft® II 09.10.2018 at 18:40

Hope you enjoyed the performances on the GSL Super Tournament — personally, we were thrilled! The battle was very exciting, and we have taken another step to awarding the winner of the finals of BlizzCon. Of course, even watching the tournament, we did not forget to pay attention to the players participating in balance testing and has already planned a number of additional changes. Go!

Terran "Cyclone" are returned to the version from the update 3.8. Now requires laboratories to be able to build the plant. Health reduced from 180 to 120 units movement Speed increased from 4.13 to 4.73. Upkeep cost increased from 3 to 4. Armor is 1. Blaster "Tornado" is replaced by the rocket module "Typhoon". Damage increased from 3 units (+2 units on armored targets) to 18 units Affects air and ground units. Attack speed changed from 0.1 to 0.71. The range is reduced from 6 to 5. Better weapons increase damage by +2 units instead of 1 as previously, in line with the overall increase in damage. The ability to "target" changed. The ability can be applied automatically. Can attack air and ground targets and buildings. Damage increased from 160 to 400 units in 14 sec. Improved "Quick-launcher" removed. Added improved "Accelerator magnetic field". After the development of improved "Accelerator magnetic field" ability "target lock" will inflict 400 points of damage over 14 sec. at ground and air targets (+400 damage on armored targets).

At the time of release, Legacy of the Void "Cyclone" was absolutely not the way we know it today. Then his creation of the required construction of laboratory, and the weapon could shoot both ground and air targets. This unit was used for the targeted destruction of enemy units the player only had to hold "Cyclone" on the map and put it at risk. This version of "Cyclone" was created in order to Terran, can better control the situation in the early and mid-game, point cracking down on high-tech and heavy opponents of other races, and after the improvement of the Cyclones with dignity showed itself in the final phase of the game.

update 3.8 we have adapted a "Cyclone" to fight on the front lines, making it one of the main combat units early game. Since then, the balance of power changed several times, but "Cyclone" quite well behaved in a new way. Today, however, it becomes noticeable that the capabilities of Terran in the early game are too broad, and opponents simply can not cope with their onslaught — especially if you use the strategy with the placement of the buildings in the enemy base. At the same time in the middle and the final phase of this advantage is lost, and in these stages the Terrans could use a new ways to counter the enemy. In addition, just before the release of patch 3.8 the professional players came up with a number of unusual uses for an old version of "Cyclone", so we decided as an experiment to return to the game an early version of the combat unit.

the Cruisers no longer switch to a new target while moving if not received the corresponding order and if the range allows you to continue to attack the current target.

Previously, the cruiser continuously analyze the threat level from enemy units during the movement, and had moved on to a new goal. We want to make this unit more manageable and predictable, and so now the cruiser will "remember" the main goal when driving.

Zerg attack Speed hydralisk changed from 0.57 to 0.59.

the last test upgrade balance we have changed the attack speed of the hydralisk from 0.54 to 0.57 instead reduce his health by 5 units. the idea of this change we like, but we agree with the opinion of the players: it weakens hydralisk less than it would decrease health. So we decided to return the attack speed of the unit to the value that was used in Heart of the Swarm, that is, of 0.59.

the Protoss Dark sanctuary design Time "Do the shadow" is reduced from 121 to 100 seconds. Recovery time "Do the shadow" has been reduced from 21 to 14 seconds.

When we first introduced the community "March shadow", many expected that the dark Templar would be a nightmare, but in recent time these combat units are not popular. We decided to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the "Do the shadow" by changing the study time and the cooldown of this ability.

the aircraft Carrier the Damage of the interceptors increased from 8x1 up to 5x2. Now the damage of interceptors increases on 1x1 and 1x2 for the improved attack from the air. The frequency of launch of the interceptor changed from 0.36 to 0.27.

the Players said that now carriers are not strong enough, and these changes are designed to bring them closer to the previous level. First, we have restored the value of damage, and secondly, reduced the interval between launches of interceptors: now the frequency of their appearance is a cross between the values used before and after the removal of the "Graviton catapult".

the ability of the gate "to Transform into a warp gate to the" now applied automatically.

We have tried to make the conversion of the gate in the warp gate to the automatic, but the process was not always easy: often the automatic conversion took place only a portion of the gate. With the new update, this ability becomes automatic again, but now the players will better understand what is happening and can more effectively control the conversion of the gate.

As always, we remind you that these changes are not final, and we want to know what you think of them. Meanwhile, we continue to reflect on the following questions:

Terran against Zerg — mutalisks against the effectiveness of biological and mechanical units; Terran vs Protoss — the effectiveness of the strategy based on the construction of the buildings closer to the enemy base; the Zerg against the Protoss — the middle phase of the game, lead to her strategy and tactics.

in addition, we will continue to address the issue of balance in the late phase of the game for all three races below, as we planned, to include the necessary changes in the update that will be released after BlizzCon. Thank you for testing the new changes, looking forward to your feedback on the forums and any community sites!