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Small drilling machine 11.10.2018 at 13:44

For drilling PCBs, I use a homemade CNC machine. But it happens that for a small fee with a dozen, others of the holes to set the machine just too lazy impractical. And with a hand drill hole 0.5 — 1.0 mm — direct translation drills. So I decided to make my own little machine, since there is a 3D printer for production of structural elements.


the modernization of the two lathes left polished shafts guides with end thread, SC8UU linear bearings and a pair of springs from antilipemic nuts. And the old laser printer motor RM1-4617.

To the motor is left to buy the only tube for drill. For those who have not lying around in the bins a lot of unnecessary piece of iron, giving credit for the purchase of spare parts

Linear bearing SC8UU — $1.7 2pcs x Polished shafts 8mm length 100mm — $2 Motor x 2pcs DC12-24V 40W RS555 — $7 Or more expensive Mitsumi RM1-4617 — $12 Collet on the motor shaft 3.175 mm for drill bits 2.5-3.2 mm — $1.5

For the Assembly of used screws, nuts, washers and studs M4 and M3 (for mounting motor), bought in the nearest store fixture.

Screw M4 x 10mm round head screw — 8 pieces (the bearing is mounted to bracket) Screw M4 x 20mm round head — 2 PCs (bottom hinge) Screw M4 x 15mm round head c — 2 PCs (upper hinge) Pin 130mm M4 — 2 PCs (average hinge and handle) Nut M4 — 12pcs (each hinge 2 PCs) M4 Washer — 24pcs (inserted all the rivets) Screw M3 10mm hex — 2pcs (motor mount) when guides with end thread screw M4 x 10mm flat head screws — 4pcs

the machine is Powered from the PSU 12-24V 2A or more.

the Project machine


to See the machine in operation here

to Download the file to print

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