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Trading recommendations for 11.10.2018

Portal Forex trader 10.10.2018 at 21:32

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Hello. Let's look at a couple of interesting points to trade in the Forex market on 11.10.2018


On AUDUSD currency pair rebounded from the level of 0,71000. The Price Action pattern beautiful, not painted, but probably the correction is over and continue falling down trend. The preponderance of buyers according to the statistics of transactions that helps. I think you should look here for sales, and look for the signals inside a day.


On the pair EURAUD could not go below the level 1,61300 and formed the pattern of Absorption. Will once again try to update the highs and continue the uptrend. Pattern purchase do not consider, as poison resistance. After the break, it will be bolder to buy.

Open orders big banks

Fundamental analysis APR

Stock indices of the Asia-Pacific region showed no single dynamics, following the internal news and factors.

the Shanghai Composite + 0.18%, the Shenzhen Composite is 0.15%, the Hang Seng Index + 0,08%, KOSPI by 1.12% and Nikkei 225 + 0.16% the S&P/ASX 200 -0,14%

Investors in China have estimated different Central Bank actions aimed at the weakening of the yuan, which may soon fall to the level of 2008. South Korea risks to spoil relations with the United States, going to lift the sanctions against the DPRK. In Japan unexpectedly rose strongly in August the volume of orders in mechanical engineering by 12.6% instead of the expected 1.6 percent. The Australian stock market continued to decline after the price of oil, which analysts forecast a fall to $35 in the long-term forecast.

the collapse of the US market by 3-4% shocked investors, falling of indexes of the first world economy to the rest of the exchanges have yet to play.

NASDAQ — 4,08% S&P 500 to 3.29% Dow Jones — 3,15%

Analysts have put forward different versions, which provoked the strongest growth index, for the first time in 9-year history: the growth rate of the fed, the failure of Donald trump from the summit with the DPRK leader, rising bond yields (treniers), the threat to China from the US Treasury to unleash a currency war.

Steven Mnuchin accused the Central Bank of China in the "competitive devaluation", which aims to reduce the impact of a trade war. If China will not go for talks on the currency issue, the Agency reserves the right to raise tariffs on all imported from this country goods.

Donald trump, assessing the situation falling DJ on a record 800 PP blamed the U.S. Federal reserve, which raised interest rates, contrary to the warnings of the President that it will harm the economy.

the US President in a public speech in Pennsylvania, blames the drop on DJ fed

the Situation on the stock market weakened, the dollar index which continued recoilless decline in the basket of major currencies, which began with the first session of the week.

the Eurozone

the Shanghai composite managed to touch the "American wave of sales":

DAX of 2.21%, the CAC40 and 2.11% FTSE100 — 1,27%

Investors fear that a record drop in the US, one of the signs of an impending global economic crisis. Unexpected dips in the stock markets became the forerunner of the collapse in 2008. The correction was not as deep as the European markets capture only half of the trading session.

Forex traders took advantage of the weakness of the dollar and continued buying yesterday, failing to close EUR/USD plus, denoting a reversal figure.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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