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Forecast Forex market on 12.10.2018

Portal Forex trader 11.10.2018 at 22:48

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 12.10.2018


On USDJPY price has stopped at the level of 112.00, and the trend line, and formed a pattern Doji. Will probably be the end of a deep correction down and try to restore growth and to continue to develop the trend is up. Look here to purchase.


On a pair of EURGBP went down to the level 0,87200 and bounced formed a pattern of Absorption. Probably worth waiting for the correction to the trendline area and the level 0,88650. Buy here do not consider, as they are against the trend.

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Fundamental news APR

Asian investors belatedly played a "black Wednesday," the us stock markets on Thursday:

S&P/ASX 200, which is 2.7%, the Japanese Nikkei 225 index was 4.2% for the Kospi and 3.9% Hang Seng -3,9%, Shanghai Composite — 5%, the Shenzhen Composite -6%

Panic selling of shares is a consequence of divergence, a record growth of stock markets on the rise, blackouts and the devaluation of the currencies of certain developing countries.

the Collapse shows one more time that a single state, regardless of the size of the economy, cannot go "against the market". Policy easing by the Chinese Central Bank, and competitive depreciation of the yuan, measures of openness to export from the government are unable to "pull" indices collapsed to multiyear lows.

USA NASDAQ of 1.25% S&P 500 of 2.06% Dow Jones was 2.13%

U.S. stock indexes continued to decline already at the objective factors of negative testimony released economic indicators.

the Number of initial claims for the second consecutive week rose above forecasts on 214K when expectations 206K the consumer price Index in September showed slowdown of inflation worse than expected 2.2% per annum (2,3%) and 0.1% for the month (0.2%)

Both factors call into question another interest rate hike from the fed, seemed to be under fire of criticism of the U.S. President, who now takes on the role of the Oracle. Before the previous increase of Donald trump warned about the negative impact of the rising cost of loans for the economy.

Assessed the data of economic indicators Forex traders continued to exit positions in the USD index which strengthened fall on Thursday against a basket of major currencies.

the Eurozone

Asian meltdown has affected markets in Europe that are unable to fully win back losses "black Wednesday", so the indices spent Thursday "in search of a bottom":

DAX of 1.48% CAC40 — 1,92%, the FTSE100 is 1.94%

on Thursday, the calendar of economic statistics for the Euro area was empty, left only the local news in Spain and France, which were ignored by investors, actively sold out the stock, moving the tool in a protective tools.

Forex Traders intensified buying of the Euro against the dollar after the release of U.S. data on the labor market and inflation, which put the growth rate at the beginning of November.

the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagrad act at the conference in Indonesia

the World economy is on the verge of recession, which the IMF forecasts will occur in 2019, the Department head Christine Lagarde has warned that a trade war and protectionism can turn a fall into a full-scale global crisis.

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