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Figure of the day: How many Apple mobile devices already running iOS 12? 12.10.2018 at 11:30

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Figure of the day:


Apple mobile devices already running iOS 12.

Apple published on its developer site statistics on the prevalence of versions of the mobile platform iOS. As of October 10, 2018 53% of Apple mobile devices, which went online-the App store running iOS 12.

Note that the Apple began to publish statistics differently. 53% is an indicator for mobile devices, released in 2014. When you consider all the devices, the proportion of penetration was only 50%. In any case, it is much more results from iOS 11, which in the beginning of October last year, scored 38.5 percent.

the share 11 iOS now account for 40% or 39%, respectively, while the share of earlier versions of the OS — 7 or 11%, depending on the considered devices.

Apple released final version iOS 12 on the evening of 17 September. For comparison, the latest Android OS version 9 Pie (Pie) is not scored and 0.1% on Android devices, although it was released much earlier than August 6, 2018.