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Participants of the conference "the Day of lawyer leasing companies — 2018" discussed the changes of the civil code press releases 15.10.2018 at 14:42

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Hosted the 13th annual conference "the Day of lawyer leasing companies — 2018" which is organized by the United leasing Association. This year's conference was the largest in attendance: it was attended by 145 representatives of 102 of the leasing companies.

the Main attention was paid to discussion of reform in the leasing industry, organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The most pressing issue was the discussion of comments on the draft of the Federal law "About modification of parts the first, second and third Civil code of the Russian Federation (regarding improvement of legal regulation of leasing activity)," which is now posted on the Federal portal of draft regulations and regulatory impact assessment.

the conference had before it the opinion of OLA, formed on the basis of opinions about the bill 28 leasing companies. According to the Association, the current version of the bill inadequate. The impact of the adoption of the bill may adversely affect the development of financial leasing in Russia and to worsen the situation of leasing companies and lessees. In addition, the participants of the conference noted that the bill could change the business model of leasing companies and to inhibit the development of financial leasing in Russia. Industry experts stressed that the proposed formulations allow the possibility of double and triple interpretations are incomplete in nature and do not reveal the meaning of the proposed rules. So at the moment, the OLA does not support the adoption of this version of the bill.

"Leasing the community is concerned about the problem of legal regulation of the industry — there is currently a clear discrepancy between the international standards, enforcement practices and legislation. In these circumstances the task of the Association is to assist in building a complete and consistent regulatory framework that meets the needs of all parties. It is worth emphasizing that the solution to this problem will support the development of state policy for the modernization of enterprises, as well as updating vehicle fleets and equipment," — said the President of the United leasing Association Cyril Tsarev.

the conference Also discussed a large number of other relevant industry topics and issues, including the impact of the VAT increase from 2019 on leasing transactions, interaction with the Federal service of court bailiffs, the problems of transition to electronic passports of vehicles and many others.

the OLA is the largest professional Association of participants of leasing industry, representing 87 companies, the volume of business which is about 80% of official leasing market of Russia. OLA represents the leasing industry of the Russian Federation in Europe, as a member of the European Confederation of leasing associations (Leaseurope).