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Halloween 2018: competition carving the pumpkin

StarCraft® II 15.10.2018 at 17:34

Nearing Halloween and we are ready to plunge into the holiday spirit! If you fall always played cooking (or even creative) itching, then know that on October 15 the yearly contest carved pumpkin. Arm everyone that stabs and cuts, your magical axes, psi blades, chitinous claws sharpen, is buy a pumpkin impressive, and forward. Your task is to create the most spectacular and unusual Jack-o-lanterns in the style of Blizzard games.

the Authors of the 5 best pumpkins will receive a prize of $ 60 in wallet® (in the currency of your region

Tips for participating in the contest contest

In the works of valued originality, level of skill, and even humor. Take two types of photos. On one photo of your pumpkin to glow (put it inside a candle or other light source). Attach a photo without light. Drawing on the pumpkins should refer to game worlds of Blizzard. Try to take a picture as best as you can. Good quality helps the judges in the selection. On wasaki case, describe what kind of pumpkin you send to us (to avoid any misunderstandings).

Hurry! Do not forget to read the terms when applying. The contest ends on October 25. And the season of pumpkins is also not eternal.