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Description of the update for StarCraft II 4.6.2

StarCraft® II 16.10.2018 at 17:00


standard or virtual ticket to BlizzCon will be able to find the following items in "Collections":

New skins units-a classic probe; working classical; classical KSM; a New portrait — "Marine-Chimera".

Bought the trophy Fund will receive the following 17 portraits:

trophy WCS 2018 Maru Rogue Serral SoS Classic Dark HeroMarine Has Lambo Neeb Nerchio ShowTime Special Stats, TY, Zest Amended

the balance Module

Restore the "Jump" of the Stalker and dark Templar will no longer stay under the influence of "Mycosis".

the Campaign

fixed an issue where the videos built Tatarinov looked like a normal Protoss structures.


Tychus PVO "Odin" will no longer be able to damage allies. Fixed an issue where the panel orders the bar "Corea" blocked, not allowing them to hire new bandits. Phoenix: from the pop-up text for Probios removed the system line.


We brought back trophies. Fixed an issue where map preview was unstable. "Cradle of death" no longer appears twice in the selection menu of common tasks.

multiplayer game

Hallucination destabilizing factor in the appearance of the Golden age will no longer be almost invisible.