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In-game gifts from BlizzCon for StarCraft already arrived

StarCraft® II 17.10.2018 at 13:06

BlizzCon is not far off! Today anyone who has purchased a normal or virtual tickets to BlizzCon will be able to use the new content in StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II.

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We know that the high frequency of events is very important if you want to win the League table — but did you know that you can do more and stylish? The appearance of the console BlizzCon 2018 for the SCR not only umojan has an elegant appearance, but also changes color depending on the number of actions per minute! From the calm green to bright red: the console will respond to your every action as a modern gaming keyboard.

will Return to StarCraft II: here we decided to turn to the heritage of the past and created a new "classic" forms. Now the workers of each race will forms the basis of which formed the style of the original StarCraft. Let your enemies doubt what year it is when you send all their workers to the deadly and old-fashioned attack!

you will Also receive a new portrait in which all three races combined into one creature — a terrifying, grotesque and majestic.

a Lot of gifts waiting for you not only in StarCraft, but in other Blizzard games.

Overwatch — legendary skin for Sombre "the demon Hunter".

Heroes of the Storm — transport and graffiti "Serbami nexus" banner and a portrait BlizzCon 2018.

World of Warcraft cloak of the Horde and Alliance, fighting banners of the Champions of Stormwind and Orgrimmar; also in November, you will be able to play the demo from BlizzCon WoW Classic at home.

Hearthstone — card back BlizzCon 2018 and 10 sets of cards for your collection.

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