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Webinar on Monday, October 15, 20-30

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 14.10.2018 at 19:29

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, I invite you Monday, October 15, 20-30 for the webinar "Laziness, procrastination... You are not to blame! Blame your reptilian brain"

what is this, at first glance, strange for the club KIT issue.

In fact, this theme is not strange, but quite appropriate to discuss it seriously. Because the phenomenon called "procrastination" (delay important tasks on the back burner) is causing a tremendous outflow of energy.


it's very simple. As a result of constant, sometimes years, of procrastination of cases that could change all our lives, is profound dissatisfaction. This frustration builds up, as a result, we're losing power by the ton.

We are afraid of some negative external influences on us (and rightly so), but often they themselves are the reason for huge energy losses.

by the Way, you can remember not only about the postponement. There is such a thing as the inability to prioritize. Also still the robber of energy.

If these a situation someone already adopted the chronic nature, the dissatisfaction of such a person also becomes chronic. As a result the person constantly feels exhausted. And the longer he is in this state, the more the situation is aggravated.

Man blames himself for laziness, the inability to organize their time, the necessary processes...

Yes God knows what else blame yourself for people suffering from the disease of procrastination!

But it turns out, it was necessary to understand the chemistry!

the fact that many things our body is programmed by nature and evolution. Just someone with these programs is better, someone worse.

There are very real techniques that will help even the most hopeless procrastinators. Of course, if it's not quite Oblomov )))

so, on Monday, October 15, 20-30, I invite you to the webinar "Laziness, procrastination, self-sabotage... You are not to blame! Blame your reptilian brain!".

note that the log-in link webinknow the room is a little different -

Come in 15 minutes before the start time to connect to chat.

me Remind you that in our chat, you can even register anonymously with any invented email address.

If something doesn't work out, then you can always go from a video that is broadcast in the room, on the YouTube channel with the stream and the chat.

I usually peep into the room, and the canal. I hope that everyone will see.

Will be very important feedback, so it is assumed not a monologue on my part, and our dialogue.

After all, we're digging your problems (I know). We need to find and neutralize, that is, to turn into a task. And the problems can be addressed.

a Few words about what we do.

We find:

which aspects cause you the greatest stress and unwillingness to act than we normally delegate the necessary but deferred action, and here our brain, in particular, its oldest part, which is called the reptilian brain (medically this is not entirely true, of course), what is the trick of the reptilian brain. You will receive FIVE important tips that will help you get around the trick of our reptilian brain.

We will hold a short meditation, which I call "vibrational tone" faith in yourself, in your capabilities.

I Think that an hour and a half should be enough to start.

I will remind you about the webinar.

so, see you in webinare room on Monday, 15/10, 20-30

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