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Dismantle the images of 10 stars by style Valais 15.10.2018 at 14:08

Last week I conducted a poll: "there are times when the thing sits well, and the color is normal, but you look ridiculous and bad. Although the friend thing can be a "bomb""

Why so? The thing is, as a thing goes well with your face and physique. This is called stylistic type, maybe you've heard?

His situation, I sent about 2.5 thousand women. Thank you to the participants!

the results of the poll are:

58% — do not know or did not understand the style of the characters

and 28% understood but... not understood

12% — understand and use

(and 2% of its special situation)

so, we see that most do not understand the topic. So let's understand step by step. From the very beginning. For example celebrities.

1. Cate Blanchett

Actress cate Blanchett go dress more definition. The photo on the left she "spreads" in a dress. The figure looks heavy, facial features, big. Overall rustic look, although the fabric of the dress is satin, elegant. Facial features, the actress is clear, and round nose Shoe "argues" with them.

the photo On the right top fluid, but asymmetric. Skirt more definition. The figure looks more focused, not spread. The nose of the Shoe is sharp. And the image turned out stylish, elegant and effortless. And it is good. The architectural face, visible cheekbones, not the cheeks like the photo on the left. Facial features look more sophisticated.

2. Cate Blanchett

Again actress cate Blanchett. As in the previous pictures you can see that in shapeless tissue in her body spread. The overall result is sloppy, unfocused. She needs a clearer silhouettes and fabrics that keep their shape more like the photo on the right.

3. Jennifer aniston

, Jennifer aniston mixed the features of the face: something clearer, something more soft. She sculpted the face. It is natural. The image of the neighborhood girls.

In her way, nothing dramatic. And the outfit on the left is dramatic: total black, architectural cut. He "argues" with her looks. She needs a more relaxed silhouette, different combination of textures, natural palette. Her appearance is very advantageous for the daily images.

4. Victoria Beckham

Before Victoria was trying to play "drama", wore tight dresses and showed sverhsekretnoj, bordering on perfectionism.

the Style for which she fell in love with ladies all over the world, Victoria found after added of masculinity and relaxed in your images (men's shirts, trousers, hands in pockets). Plus I stopped wearing the hard covering dresses, went on the sets of "shirt + skirt", "pants + Jersey". And it is good, because they emphasize her appearance. She even hairstyles have become more relaxed.

5. Zemfira

Left Zemfira decided to play femininity, but this kind of dress argues with her sharp facial features and creates the effect of "men in dress". The photo on the right she looks much more feminine and attractive by properly selected clothes to suit her angular face.

6. Princess Diana

this is what happens when a woman with large strong features to dress in an overly feminine outfit — the effect of "men in dress". On the background of the feminine facial features of Princess Diana became even braver. Compare her image to the right — when the clothing is in harmony with the face and she looks elegant and feminine.

7. Evelina khromtchenko

the first photo catches the eye too big and baggy print style. They score the appearance of Evelina. Her face has a speaker, and it should be repeated in clothing and accessories as in the second photo. And pay attention to the shape points: a raised upper corner of the right photo is in harmony with the line of the jaw, facial features appear more clear. The left photo soft appearance, and, as a result, the face a blur.

8. Ksenia Sobchak

Why Ksenia Sobchak looks tired in this soft dress from flying fabric? Her clear facial features require set clearer lines and more rigid fabrics.

9. Catherine Deneuve

On the left of the photo a bright dress with floral print makes Paintings Deneuve girlish. The face looks heavy and non-compliant in the whole thing.

This is a good example where natural beauty and correctness features and face shape it's not worth filling contrasting bright prints, lots of detail. In this case, the first background will be clothes, not emphasizing the natural beauty of a person.

Catherine should choose simple shapes, silhouettes, simple correct classic lines and proportions, elegant images. She needs clothes that will serve as a backdrop for her beautiful face, as in the right picture.

10. Claudia Schiffer

In appearance from Claudia no "drama". It is very natural. There are even some puppet, for example, in the nose. But there is no "drama". Therefore, excessive makeup, black color, black lace, excessive decoration like the photo on the left are contrary to her natural beauty, for which she became the star of the catwalk. She's damn good at simple kits like the photo on the right.


What is good for the other person, you may look bad. It depends on your face and physique, your style type.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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