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"If closet of those things — I want to hang myself" 17.10.2018 at 18:17

In the last article we watched the images of stars. I showed good and bad examples and in simple language described on that note: what is good and what the image "falls apart" and "not look".

In this article let us understand how to define a style type.

Yes, there are theories that describe it all. Maybe you've heard these names: kibby, Larson, Popov.

I have carefully studied these systems after ten years of practice in the shops. And I find it difficult to adapt them to modern stores. It is no wonder that many women, it is also not impossible. Let's share their difficulties

But first I want to tell you what's good about these systems: is the approach. Division by types. The Foundation of the theory. That there are different character types: the character types are some stylish direction, others — others. In the last article, the examples analysed it.

What does not work in practice for most women is Difficult to determine

for Example, in the "advanced" system Larson a lot of types, subtypes, and all combined with each other.

the Scheme of stylistic typecasting Larson. When the number of types is close to 20, the brain begins to boil. It turns out a bunch of characters all intersect and in fact it turns out anything. Try it, figure 20 and find yourself comparing with sketches

And even on the pictures it is almost impossible to define yourself.

Try to find your face in these sketches. The screen of the system of Larson

I conducted a survey of the stylistic types. Of all the women who began to understand 70% and are unable to come to the result that you can use.

Need a system that would give the simple definition of the style type. And the result could be used in practice. Hard to find recommended stuff in the stores. And do not want

current systems impose restrictions on the clothes for each type: what style, what length, what print. When you look at them, realize that they are boring to outrageous. And if your wardrobe of these tops will go and hang myself. It does not want to wear.

the Recommendations of the dresses for "Romance". Want a dress yourself in a closet?

the tops Options for "Dramatica". Which of these you want in your closet?

Need a system that is easy to apply in modern stores. And who would be left working when changing trends and the mix of styles. I want to change, to be different, to have a wide selection in stores

Fashion has become faster, more dynamic, more interesting. All go beyond and try something new. Now the trend in mixing styles.

the question that appears is how the stuff from the shops can be adapted to your style type?

for Example, a white shirt will go to everyone. Just different styles and types will play in your wardrobe in different ways.

Let's take the example view.

Let's compare two images with a white shirt for different style characters

the girl on the left is a very classic appearance that looks good with a minimum of parts. And, adding a white shirt simple jeans or pants, it will look like a Queen. She doesn't need the details and extra decorations — they only distract attention from her face.

I Have a different type. If I wear a white shirt and pants, then I'll be like the teller at the Bank. Me to beat a white shirt, a more intricate bottom. Or if I wear a white shirt and jeans, I have to give a major addition — something catchy and glamorous, to complement the image. Some big bold earrings or a necklace.

Otherwise the whole image will look on me unassumingly. I have more details.

Need a system that is not built on the constraints and opportunities. It will not limit the things you are, and to show how things in stores you can beat them to adapt to your style type.

To change trends you understand how the new trend thing to wrap in your closet. What combination so it will fit you.

total Existing system style typecasting stop working. They were good in their time but are now obsolete. Need a new system: to make it easy to determine the stylistic character and practically apply it in stores.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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