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Daily technical analysis for 19.10.2018

Portal Forex trader 18.10.2018 at 22:22

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Hello. Below view on a few interesting points to trade in the Forex market on 19.10.2018


On a pair USDCHF formed a Doji pattern slightly not reaching the resistance level 1,0000. Long correction down then it did not work and seems to go up. A number of sellers among market participants prevails, according to statistics of transactions. Waiting here of continued growth, but the transactions still refrain, because the top strong level 1,0000.


On GBPUSD approached the trendline and it looks like not going to stop. The last hike up failed to update the highs, but it seems dorisovyvaet figure Double top. And likely to try to break the trend on the downside. While no deals have been watching the situation. Waiting for breakout of the trendline and continue to fall in price.

the Fundamental news APR Nikkei 225 — 0,54%, Shanghai Composite — 2,94%, the Shenzhen Composite -2,73%, the Hang Seng -0,03% Kospi — 0,89% S&P/ASX 200 + 0.06%

the Chinese Government has not responded to the hints of White House to resume negotiations. The U.S. Treasury released the annual report, having withdrawn the allegations of manipulation of the yuan and trade Minister Wilbur Ross told CNBC that the relationship is not broken, and paused.

Instead, Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang acknowledged the growing problem, the development of a trade war with the United States that have not yet peaked. Stock indexes of the country "appreciated" the rhetoric of the fall in the index, which bypassed Hong Kong, who failed to regain a positive environment because a closed for the holiday exchange.

Traditionally, for the Chinese market fell South Korea, a large business went to the confrontation, ignoring the US sanctions, having decided to continue working in Iran.

the Japanese investors reacted negatively to the decline in exports. The index unexpectedly declined for the first time in 22 years in September by 1.2%, with growth forecasts to 1.9%. The situation are unable to break positive data on reduction of the trade deficit to 0.24 MT, which is better than the flash estimate of 0,34 T.

Australian market was the only one that retained green color index in the area of Asia Pacific – investor made a purchase on the fact of the fall in the unemployment rate to 5%, though analysts predicted value of 5.3% for the year.

the U.S. Dow Jones and 1.27%, the NASDAQ is 2.06%, the S&P 500 by 1.44%

Investors, States are under pressure of renewed growth of profitability of bonds, which are in high demand because of the high probability of the fed rate hike before year-end and the uncertainty around the relationship with Saudi Arabia.

To the yesterday the sale of shares on us exchanges, trading participants pushed:

the Decline of employment in October, blocked the positive weekly statistics on the number of textbooks published more than forecast in the speech of the FOMC members of Corsa and Bulgaria right namikoshi on their own "hawkish" with respect to future rates

a High probability of the fed rate hike continues to have a strengthening impact on the US dollar index which is trying to grow up to 96 points, easing the basket of major currencies.

the Eurozone the FTSE 100 down to 0.26%, the CAC 40 is 0.55%, the DAX of 1.07%

Investors disappointed by the decision of the European Commission for the UK, instead of approving the entry conditions the Minister Jean Claude Juncker, offered to shed a transitional period, during which to continue the discussion. Thus appeared the wording "with the big share of probability will be extended".

the Head of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker at a press conference sums up the two-day EU summit

After the statement, the indices for the entire session ended with the sales and closing in negative territory.

most of all during yesterday's trading the "hit" Germany, whose carmakers predict a catastrophic decline of industry for three years due to the new stringent environmental requirements of the EU. The least drop touched the UK transition period, it is something sought national business. News "covered" the negative retail sales whose value has fallen worse than the forecast amounting to:

For the year of 3.0% (preliminary estimate of 3.6%) In September to minus 0.8 percent in December, only 0.4%

In the currency market traders continued to exit positions the Euro, preferring to buy the dollar before the upcoming fed rate hike.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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