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The appearance property and the standardization of styles of form elements: a new hope

Css-live - Severstal your world! 17.10.2018 at 18:32

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The design of the form elements is probably the main source of pain in a modern layout. Each input field, each button — a "thing in itself", and in each browser is implemented slightly differently. And manage their styles too often in each browser differently. And some tasks (for example, to display the button as a normal an element with display: inline, wrap to a new line if necessary) and does not solved (apparently this effect gives the display: contents, but in the present implementations, this breaks accessibility so that is not a solution). A lot of hope for deliverance from this pain was attributed to the appearance property, but the fate of this property was complicated and confusing. Now there's only old browsers implement it with a prefix, is also everywhere, and none of them solves the problem completely.

so, while all browsers with anger did not copy "in a forehead" -webkit-appearance, and not added to the list of "non-standard standards" de facto, after a long discussion in ICU on Github longtime activist web standardization Simon Peters decided to take matters into their own hands and to outline the "correct" draft specification of this property — taking into account the wishes of the designers, and browser reality. And finally to standardize themselves, and browser styles for form elements, and how they are reset.

the Work will be huge, but the pace is taken good. Within days the blank document on Google Docs has grown to an impressive 19 pages. Given the experience of Simon's work on the WHATWG spec, where as a lot of times had to "lead to a common denominator" raznoobraziya zoos implementations, it is hoped that this time everything will work out!