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Life will teach, but we are faster! Why do we need training?

Orlan 21.10.2018 at 13:47


Very often people learn from their mistakes. Once in some difficult situation, the person realizes that acting is not great. But often it happens when there is no turning back. And there are already some significant difficulties either in personal relationships or in your career or in some other region.

So the training is, first and foremost, the possibility of personal change without any serious problems. This is an opportunity to be in a special training game environment in which all difficulties and challenges will appear quite clearly, but it will not cost practically nothing. This is an opportunity to look at ourselves, to see ourselves through the eyes of others and to determine what is good, what is your parties are strong, that is to develop and complement, and in some areas it may be worth it to learn something, to learn something new, try something you haven't done before.

the Training will help participants to choose the most appropriate methods of coping with stress.

to Teach participants to effectively plan their activities in terms of increasing functional capacity, to properly formulate goals and set priorities, highlighting the most significant in the daily flow of cases and information.

the Art is not only about experience and skills. It is important to use different tools, but often we forget to give attention and sincere interest in the objectives of the client.

the Types of interviews and strategies of behavior on them.

the Behavioral mistakes that lead to failure.

the pitfalls of "easy questions".

How are we doing this?

At events creates an atmosphere very similar to the situation in the company. Together with the coach, the participants analyze the peculiarities of their behavior at work, remember working on the real situation: they begin to understand what hinders them to move forward and how to achieve really good results.

We do not use specific emotional techniques involving user space. Using methods of coaching, the coach gives the theoretical blocks, working with both in small groups and individually. Depending on your goals you can choose a course of motivational seminars, full course programs for corporate staff or training of own trainers that will work within your company.

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