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A gang of burglars access points Wi-Fi 24.10.2018 at 21:05

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October 25, 2003, the United States was the most controversial case of wardriving. This word is called "hunting" on prohozhdenie or unprotected at all access points, Wi-Fi, which uses a portable PC or even a PDA, and slomczynski drive. There are also varieties like warbiking when is a car used motorbike, and woroking - hunting network on foot. In General, any mobile form of detection prohozhdenii Wi-Fi access points has received some sort of name in the English language, even if you use the train or tram.

it is Curious that in the Internet you can find large number of open source programs specifically for this purpose. Of course, the attacker is not enough just to access your network and they're not limited to viewing photos in social networks or downloading "heavy" files for your account. Hacked points to help hackers access to your personal data, for example, credit card data, passwords, e-mail, etc.

But there are also cases and harmless work on the mapping of public hotspots with Internet access. So, in 2004 in Seattle, about 100 people worked on the creation of such schemes. They were able to access more than 5 Wi-Fi networks, half of which did not use encryption. Often, point even had special names to show that the owner doesn't mind sharing the Internet, if only you are not downloaded via the router nothing illegal.

But back to October 25, 2003: on this day in USA the three men managed to access the network of a large Lowe's and, in consequence, to steal a lot of valuable data. In a kind of wardriving was seen and Google. In the German city of Hamburg's Agency for data protection (DPA) investigated one of the cars that was used to create Google Street View, and found that the Corporation does not just pictures of streets, but also captures all information that is transmitted through open Wi-Fi network.