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Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix caught up with the quality shooting the most expensive Samsung 25.10.2018 at 09:46

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Company DxO Labs, which owns the popular service DxOMark dealing with professional camera, conducted a review of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, announced only today.

Experts praised the Chinese debutant at the level of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — the most expensive flagship of the Korean manufacturer at the moment. Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix scored 103 points on average in photos and videos.

If you take just the photograph, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix valued at 108 points, which puts it on par with the best cameraphones. As the main advantages are marked accurate color reproduction in any light and especially outdoors, fast and accurate autofocus, high-quality flash.

According to the video the smartphone has received 93 points, on par with Xiaomi Mi 8. Experts said improved image stabilization, which is especially true with slow motion. Digital and optical stabilization helped to reduce the number of blurry frames.