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RAEX holds independent of "Expert RA" a survey of lessors in the first nine months press releases 23.10.2018 at 07:30

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The Company RAEX ("RAEKS Analytics, "RAEX-Analysis") holds independent of the Agency "Expert RA" study of the leasing market in the first nine months of 2018.

the Rating Agency RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") announced on 22 October on the completion of the separation of businesses from the credit rating Agency "Expert RA" in connection with the requirements of the law "On the activities of credit rating agencies" (222-FZ). Divorced infrastructure organisations and separated sites: information on events, analyses, rankings, non-credit ratings are now posted on the website

"RAEX-Analysis" conducting a study of the leasing market every year since 2002. The study aims to objectively and fully reflect the picture of the state of the market.

the study compiled lists (rankings) of the largest Russian leasing companies and groups, spankingi across regions and areas of leasing, identifying leaders in their respective market segments, and conducted interviews of the leaders of the leasing and its fields. Training rankings based on the information provided by directly involved market participants.

part in the rankings allows companies to obtain an independent and objective confirmation of the market position, strengthen business reputation and increase the number of customers. Ranking participants receive a certificate.

the results of the study and rankings are presented at the conference "Leasing in Russia" and placed on the website of the organizer of the study ("RAEX-Analytics"), and are also provided in the leading media of the country. Background information about the participants of the ranking is placed in the database on the website of the organizer of the study.

To participate in the study you need to complete and send the electronic questionnaire; data will be accepted until 26 October 2018 e-mail:

In connection with numerous appeals of market participants about the survey of leasing companies RAEX ("RAEKS Analyst") reports the following.

Why RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") conducts its surveys? From RAEX ("RAEKS-Intelligence") is hard contractual obligations of the conference "Russian leasing", which takes place since 2001. This event must be prepared by the analyst in the leasing market and the rankings for the first nine months of 2018. These materials will become the core of the discussions of the conference, to be held on 5 December 2018. The project is implemented jointly with the United leasing Association. The conference is scheduled to among other issues discuss the content of a questionnaire for the future.

How to understand that before you form from RAEX ("RAEKS-Analytics")? Questionnaire from RAEX ("RAEKS-Analytics") has a logo — RAEX posted on the website and all correspondence is done with addresses or Questions on the survey can ask by phone +7 (495) 617-07-77 (EXT. 1668).

the fact that the survey RAEX ("RAEKS-Analytics") in advance has been agreed with the analysts of the Agency "Expert RA". Moreover, RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") remains ready to provide the analysts of the Agency "Expert RA" the survey results at their request.

To RAEX ("RAEKS-Analytics") independent survey — a guarantee of independence, objectivity and regularity of studies and rankings.

Why RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") does not use the results of the survey of "Expert RA"? In fact, some time the survey was conducted by the staff of the Agency "Expert RA". However, the rating Agency studies are initiative, that is optional. So, according to the agreement between JSC "Expert RA" and "RAEKS-Analysis" in terms of the Agency at the end of 2017 was a study on the results of the first half of 2018. However, due to the high workload rating analysts, is not performed, what RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") and market participants was disappointed to be told after the fact. Now RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") does not guarantee that time will receive the data and Analytics in the first nine months of 2018, which is unacceptable from the point of view of the obligations RAEX front of the market, partners and OLA.

Alternative questionnaires. Simultaneously with RAEX ("RAEKS-Analytics") survey, as far as we know RAEX, carried out by analysts of the Bank of Russia and JSC "Expert RA". Questionnaires are very similar, which is not surprising given the common roots of the project: framework of the questionnaire was laid on existing staff RAEX ("RAEKS-Analytics") in 2001. To fill or not to fill in questionnaires, solve exclusively the leasing companies themselves. RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") calls to fill in the questionnaires RAEX.