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Video Course "Layout-Master. From theory to web pages popular templates"

Educational magazine about computer 20.10.2018 at 05:34

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Layout is interesting and constantly changing area of activity in creating websites. For example, previously used Float and about any Flex there was not even heard. Then came Flex, and more recently it was used with caution, quite a bit, and today is used at full capacity.

Coder is the profession in which you can constantly develop, and many related professions in web development are inextricably linked with the layout.

no matter what you prefer in the future to engage in the field of web development (frontend, backend, or full cycle, web full stack), with the skill layout you have to face constantly. The layout is a Must — Have for any web developer! She — sign in to web development.

Want to learn a profession web designer and starting from scratch, including the necessary theoretical base?

Video course "Layout-Master. From theory to web pages popular templates" - advanced course on all the intricacies of modern web layout, will learn quickly to impose sites using modern popular methods, approaches and technologies layout. The course contains all the important theory in a concentrated form, with step-by-step action plan, examples, and practice.

the author of the course - Denis Bulyga - a successful well-paid freelance practitioner, a professional coder. Specializiruetsya on the layout and site design, as well as developing websites from scratch on the WordPress. In total successfully completed more than 100 projects. The author of the project WebForMySelf

If you start from full zero and you have no knowledge and skills then this course will suit you perfectly – you should begin with the bonus block. But if you have studied HTML and CSS, but have no idea how to apply this knowledge in practice, or if you have difficulty with the implementation of complex elements – this course will close all the gaps in your knowledge and will give invaluable skills in the shortest possible time.

that's exactly what You get by studying this course: Relevant, applicable and relevant knowledge on the layout of sites. Will be free to impose cross-browser responsive websites of any complexity. Learn to write sites using modern popular methods, approaches and technologies layout. Will be able to use the preprocessors and use the task Manager Gulp that will greatly facilitate the execution of many routine tasks and automatiseret process of web development. Master the modern theoretical basis in the field of HTML and CSS, including the latest versions (HTML5 and CSS3), get a lot of practical experience. Master the layout and will gain an invaluable skill to impose sites for their needs. Get 2 noteworthy works in the portfolio – in order to get a job at a web Studio or to start earning money on freelance. Will be able to significantly raise the level layout, which dramatically increase the chances to increase your earnings and to compete successfully in the labor market and the stock exchanges of freelancing. And much more.

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