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Update module balance — October 23, 2018

StarCraft® II 23.10.2018 at 17:00


Thank you to experience the new balance changes and send feedback — they help us a lot. After reviewing the discussions, we made a few more changes in the queue test.


"Cyclone" ability "target" moving in attack mode "Cyclone" will stop at a distance of 7 instead of 5.

if you use the "target" moving in attack mode "Cyclone" reduces the distance to target up to 5 because the range of its weapons is 5, although the range of "target" — 7. Thus, the "Cyclone" to endanger himself, substituting for the attacks of opponents with a range of 6 — for example, Immortals and destroyers. Starting with this update, "Cyclone" will act as other units to stay at maximum effective range when driving in attack mode.

the Medivac Improvement "large fuel tanks" is now "re-ignition".

Because the effects of improvement has changed, we also changed the name to something more suitable. New effects improved are:

the medivac with no upgrades gives a bonus 5.71 seconds. when the recovery time of 8.57 seconds. (40%); the medivac with the improvement of "large fuel tanks" were given a bonus by 8.57 seconds. when the recovery time of 5.71 sec. (time: 60%); the medivac with the new improved "re-ignition" gives a bonus of 5.71 sec. when the recovery time of 3.57 sec. (cooldown: 62%).

New improvement will be more efficient and will promote more multi-tasking the game using assault.


the warp prism Range selection is changed from 5 to 6.

Taking into account the views and reviews, we decided to return to the previous range selection, increasing it from 5 to 6 to immediately after the update of all races were equal, a better position.

countdown Timer

We like the new countdown timer appeared between the loading screen and the beginning of the match. However, we found some problems and would like to eliminate them before you add the timer in the main game. Now we will remove the countdown timer from the queue test, but we plan to return it later.

Upcoming changes

We also plan to make two additional changes in the new season, but they require reprocessing of the code and therefore cannot be directly added in the test mode of the balance. The following describes the changes we plan to introduce in the upcoming update after the end of BlizzCon.

KSM When choosing choosing a one-click KSM will have a higher priority than their constructed buildings.

During intense rushes bunkers the completion of the bunker is often key. Defensively the player is very interested in the destruction of KSM, building bunkers, but it is difficult to do, partly due to the fact that the construction of the building can block the selection of an appropriate CSM. We believe that this factor is not associated with the skill of the player and should not affect the result, so we will make a change that will allow you to choose KSM in the construction of buildings.

However, there is a possibility that it will affect the attacks with KSM in the beginning of the game (for example, during the construction of the command center of a player-Terran additional near the base), so we will carefully monitor this.

Barracks, factory, spaceport laboratory is Now impossible to raise the structure during the development of improvements in the attached lab. When you try to do this, the player will see a red warning message.

because of this improvement will not be accidentally discarded when the attempt to raise the structure.

And finally, to prepare for the upcoming changes, which will be released in the next ladder season, we disable the queue for testing balance on October 30. During the trip we will make visual changes and correct problems and faults. However test mod balance will continue to be available in custom games.