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A resident of St. Petersburg put up for sale the death mask of Pushkin

MComp 28.10.2018 at 00:59

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The Seller says that the mask was created by the sculptor Fyodor Tolstoy in the NINETEENTH century, who was his relative.

Man named Andrew told me that his great-grandfather was married to a relative of the sculptor, after the death of her assets, this mask was in his family and passed down from generation to generation as heirloom. Now Andrew you urgently need money and for that he is willing to part with the death mask of Pushkin. For rarity, he asks one hundred thousand rubles.

However, in the all-Russian Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg, where the original Andrew suffered allegedly valuable piece to the mask were skeptical. They said that the original mask stored in them, it was done by sculptor Balin, but on the orders of Zhukovsky, a close friend of Pushkin, made 15 copies, which were distributed to the families and friends of the poet. As for the mask, which is now offered for sale, the restorers and Museum experts came to the conclusion that it is a copy not of the first low tide, and certainly not worth a hundred thousand roubles.

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