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FIVE chips in order to defeat my laziness!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 23.10.2018 at 21:31

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

, is pleased to announce that a second webinar as a part of my new project "New life on Monday with Elena Savushkina" still took place, although the people was not enough. But I think that the reason I later sent the information. I will be corrected!

Those who really wanted to get, it got. :hl:

the fact that you can endlessly talk about achieving goals, but if you do not know the fundamental laws and rules of setting a goal (a query), then everything will remain empty talk.

And still we did exactly that.

of Course, our wonderful unimodularity help us, facilitating and accelerating these processes, but knowledge of the technology goals we were not released.

Not knowing of this technology, you can cause yourself major harm, and to go not where you wanted initially.

So we all - me, Irina Kapustina, Ksenia Fomicheva, constantly learning.

we All got psychological education.

Irina and Xenia in addition, and astrological education.

I really like the direction that's called "coaching."

I'm pretty sure that everyone is well everything about me he knows, just this knowledge should help him to get from the level of the unconscious on the conscious level, where they will have to analyze and make appropriate conclusions.

this help the so-called coaching questions.

to Ask them is an art, which, too, need to learn what we do.

Now, from the height of knowledge, I can tell you without water and unnecessary words, how to work with their goals.

as a result, you stop stepping on the same rake, learn to make the right decisions and begin to act for the benefit of themselves.

I can help you see the opportunities that for whatever reason you don't see as well as the obstacles (real and invented) that make it difficult to change a particular situation for the better.

On their webinars on Mondays, I just give the basics of this knowledge.

But I decided not to pay to access these webinars, maybe consider it useless. In my opinion, students need to work in a group directly at the webinar, and I need feedback in order to understand how is the process.

again, I invite everyone who really wants to change something in my life, my meetings on Mondays at 20-30!

Follow the information and emailing. I will try to send letters early - at least for a day or two.

In the near future I will hold a free intensive course of 3-4 sessions on this topic. Give the exact title later. The records are only present on the webinar or for little money.

Well, those who have no time to come to the light, Google and Yandex in the help. Today a lot of great coaches, psychologists, and if you want you can always find a decent man, who will be happy to help you. You may even want to consult with me.

About my project "New life on Monday" will write in more detail, but a little later.

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