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Morality is awake. Anatoly Buzzards – about stupid boys

Radio Liberty 30.10.2018 at 06:00

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

"Kokorin and Mamaev is not the names and not even the hashtag on the network. This diagnosis and obviously not a football," the toiling Peter Tolstoy on the First channel. "They are so stupid that they even fools shall not be named! They are – nerds," says radio "Vesti FM" Vladimir Solovyov, a leading, causing the greatest confidence among Russians. "Maybe they have no confidence that they will be responsible by law and, therefore, behave like that?" – asks Artem Sheinin from the program "Time will tell". I've been waiting for these three people put the problem of morality in the first place, that is not afraid of the insolence of the phrase – the creative product they put their love in TV to his fellow citizens that he was almost happy when the journalists finally talking about the first principles of morality. That the rich can hurt the poor, and the strong can hurt the weak; that the law must be equal for all and unforgiving to criminals. And I would be very happy, if not one "but": all of this was for ratings, for those tired of the eternal themes, from Ukraine and the U.S., audience. Two guys did something over the past ten years could not do the entire Russian opposition: awakened morality on television Presenters pounced on two players, as though they embody all the evils of modern Russia. As if they have destroyed people's lives, forcing them to live in poverty and injustice, as if they alone take responsibility before the law. But there is a silver lining: because of the case of the lost players reckless life of luxury in Russia suddenly became almost a crime. Disrespect for others, and immoral behavior has opened the problem of the education of the younger generation. Were only the entire country to decide what to do with this flywheel injustice, these sad realities of our country? Should we finally be Kokorin and Mamaev grateful for what they showed us ourselves? And at least we got a variety of samepackage on television. Two guys did something over the past ten years could not do the entire Russian opposition: awakened morality on television. Guilty of Kokorin and Mamaev? Definitely, Yes. But apparently, like the court, we must decide whether they are real criminal elements that if left at large will threaten the life, health, property of people, or is simply rich boys low cultural level, have done stupid things because they are too easy to get a lot of money? Anatoly Buzzards – the Petersburg political scientist Expressed in category "Blogs" the views do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher