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He drowned. The incident in the repair of "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Radio Liberty 30.10.2018 at 07:24

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

On the night of 30 October in the village of Roslyakovo near Murmansk sank the only floating dock that is suitable for repair of aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". It is reported that it happened due to a sudden surge in power during the descent ship on the water. The incident resulted in the cruiser was damaged. Criminal case is brought. As told RIA Novosti the representative of the shipyard "Asterisk", due to an interruption in the power supply stopped the pumps, tanks floating dock is full and it "abruptly went under the water", the result of collapsed cranes. Four people were injured. Two victims are in intensive care, another two has to go home, told TASS in medical institutions of Murmansk. One person – the chief engineer shifts – is still missing. The night before the Murmansk TV-21 reported on the shortages of electricity in Murmansk. According to one version, the reason was the heavy snowfall that hit the city and its surroundings on Friday. Initially it was reported that the aircraft carrier itself was not damaged and it was towed to another shipyard. However, the head of the "United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov said that the crane that fell on the deck of the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" during the incident with the floating dock PD-50, still damaged his hull and deck. About it reports TASS. "On the deck of the crane fell, from a height of about 15 meters, it is clear that there is hull damage, and damage to the deck, he said. While Rakhmanov said that the collapse occurred on plots that are not associated with the operation of vital equipment of the cruiser. At the moment, are assessing the damage. Later Alexey Rakhmanov told "Interfax" about the details received by the cruiser damage, noting that they are not critical. "There is a ragged hole measuring four by five meters. The damaged Board above the waterline. Obviously, when 70-ton crane falls to the deck, such damage can occur. All these injuries, we consider it insignificant. They fit into regular practice the body repair," - said the head of the USC. On the question of who will pay for the repair of damages, Rakhmanov said, "we Need to understand how all of this falls under the legal definition. If found guilt of a specific artist, and it's obvious, we all these costs will be presented to the contractor". However the incident with Doc at the 82nd ship-repair plant will not affect the timing of the return of the only Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in the Navy of Russia, have informed "Interfax" on Tuesday the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov. "No threats, which could affect the timing of delivery of the ship, no," said he, answering the question of whether the aged schedule of modernization of the ship and its delivery to the Navy of the Russian Federation in 2021. The fate of the sunken dock still unclear, said the head of the USC Alexey Rakhmanov. "To say exactly how much it is possible to raise this dock, it will be possible after the object is surveyed by divers and see what is the status of the equipment. Depths at the quay wall ' 82 of the plant is very large. Even without relying on technical ability, this operation will be difficult and likely very expensive", - he told in interview to Agency "Interfax". "Raise a dock that has a lifting capacity of 80 thousand tons, which is itself an operation that will cost a lot of money," he said. In Murmansk opened a criminal case on the fact of violation of safety rules when organizing repairs on ship-repair floating dock JSC "shipyard 82" (82 SRZ, neighborhood Roslyakovo, Murmansk), in which people have suffered, have informed "Interfax" in the North-Western investigation Department of the TFR in transport. Despite the fact that of those killed in the incident is not reported, the criminal case is investigated as regards 2 articles 216 of the criminal code (violation of safety rules at conducting other works, entailed on imprudence death of the person). According to preliminary data of the investigation, on Monday as a result of violation of rules of technical operation of salvage facilities has been the flooding of the dock. "As a result of the incident injured five people: four workers removed from the water with signs of frostbite and taken to a medical facility, one is missing," – said the investigation Department. Now the scene works investigative team of the investigative Department of the Murmansk transport. In addition, from St. Petersburg left the staff of the Department of criminology and investigator for investigation of particularly important cases. "In the course of investigative actions will be assessed, including the reasons for the occurrence of roll of the floating dock. In addition, the result will be given a legal assessment of the actions of the employer to ensure the safety of Doc employees", – stressed in the Department. Admiral Kuznetsov the only aircraft carrier in Russian Navy was commissioned in early 1991. In 2016, he participated in the Russian military operation in Syria. When passing "Kuznetsova" through the English channel on the way from Severomorsk to the Syrian shore of the Mediterranean sea observers noticed thick black smoke coming from the chimneys of the ship. Russian authorities denied the assumption about the problems on Board the vessel, but said that the "Admiral Kuznetsov" have to repair. The return of "Admiral Kuznetsov" from a trip to the coast of Syria, the Syrian campaign, "Kuznetsov" has cost the Russian budget of 7 billion rubles. During the operation in Syria lost two aircraft carrier based fighter: they crashed during the landing approach, the pilots ejected. In April 2018, the Russian defense Ministry signed a contract for the repair of "Admiral Kuznetsov". It was planned that the ship will be ready by the end of 2020. Earlier media reported that the modernization of the Russian aircraft carrier will spend about 60 billion rubles. Floating dock (PD-50) was built in 1980 in Sweden by order of the Soviet Navy. In 2001 it was used in the surfacing of the submarine "Kursk". This is the only floating dock of this size in Russia. In addition to the "Admiral Kuznetsov", it was repaired missile cruiser "Peter the Great". In 2015, the government of Russia on Vladimir Putin's order to transfer the shares to 82 the shipyard, the Central part of which is the PD-50, closed joint-stock company "RN-TRANS" subsidiary company "Rosneft". In documents on the transfer of shares it was noted that this step will allow "to ensure the establishment onshore supply base for offshore projects Rosneft, preserving opportunities OSK for repair and maintenance of ships and vessels of the Navy".